Scorpion Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Shorthanded

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Vegas, baby! Time for penthouses, sterile beds, gambling, and Walter getting arrested?

In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 4, the team takes a private job in Vegas. It is great to have a different style of case so early on in the season. There's no Homeland Security in this episode. It's just the geniuses and Paige.

Surprisingly, there isn't much of a difference between a case with Agent Gallo and a case without him. The main one is that the casino doesn't have a crime to report, but other than that, the team operates in the same manner. It would have been nicer to maybe showcase a couple of things that don't typically happen when Agent Gallo is around.

Walter getting arrested probably wouldn't have happened if Homeland Security was on site. This is the main difference. The way Scorpion goes about doing their job doesn't change too much. Well, the break in with the zip line wouldn't happen, but that's a result of Walter getting arrested, but that's not part of the job Scorpion initially took on.

The case of whodunit is really predictable. There have only been three people that the team meet while on the job, and one of them is Ronnie. Walter already got him fired before the robbery, so it's not like Ronnie could have done it. Even before that, the daughter spent the most time with the team. At least the cases with Homeland Security are a little more complex.

There isn't much crime solving type of things in this episode. Instead, it's all about working on getting Walter the bail money. Everything else kind of takes a back seat. Did you mind that the case was predictable or did you not really care?

You brainiacs can't agree on anything, so I'm stepping up.


Boy, do they need Paige during this episode. The writers do a better job of showing just how Paige helps out. There are a variety of issues with the team's behavior in this episode. What's nice is that she gets some time with the team when Walter isn't around. Paige steps up and shows that she can do more than just apologize to people at the way Walter or a member of the team behaves.

Walter needed to be slapped a couple times during the episode. At least, the writers have Walter learn just how wrong he was about Ronnie first hand. It's not just Paige telling him to be nicer. Walter gets stuck in a drunk tank with the guy.

The best part about their scenes is that viewers get to watch Walter bond with Ronnie. The writers don't have the scenes go on too long, so they don't get boring. It also helps that Walter figures out a part of the case while talking to Ronnie.

Toby and Walter are not in a good place for most of the episode. The one thing that feels a little weird about this particular episode is the tension. Toby and Walter's anger seems to come out of nowhere. There haven't really been moments where Toby and Walter are really fighting in a previous episode.

I'm like a blind man at a peep show. What's the point?


Still, it's episode four, so obviously there isn't a ton of time to show tension between people. On top of that, Walter being arrested is a high level stress situation. Things get said in those kinds of moments. At least, the writers had built up that Toby has a bad gambling problem, so that is something that the viewers are expecting Walter to be concerned about when taking a job in Vegas.

This is really the first time that the writer have delved into a history between two characters. There have been times when Walter mentions how everyone was first doing when he found them, but that's about it. Having the chance to explore Walter and Toby's relationship is great. It's not just a recap of how they met, but Toby really shares how he feels about Walter's friendship.

Slap my face with an ace!


The writers could have made it better by having Toby complain about Walter to someone. Paige could have helped here. She could be someone that the team turns to whenever they feel the need to talk. This would have helped her start to build relationships with everyone. She still hasn't really bonded with anyone on the team. Sure, they like her a little bit more now, but that's it.

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite quote/moment? The Paige and Happy moments are my favorite. Remember, you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TVFanatic.

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