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Bobby lost another body part, Unser got one step closer to the truth and Jax killed a rat on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8…or did he? 

Our TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Amanda Wolf, and Christine Orlando are joined by Erin from to discuss whether or not they believe Jury, whether Jax will do what it takes to save Bobby and what was their favorite scene from "The Separation of Crows."

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Did you believe Jury when he said he never ratted Jax out to the Chinese? If he didn't, who did?

Leigh: I wanted to believe him and I think I do, but I have no idea who else could've ratted to the Chinese.

Erin: I believed Jury wholeheartedly when he said that he didn't rat. Despite Jax and the others killing Gibby, Jury wouldn't sell out the club to the Chinese. He’s been an outlaw for a very long time and was close to JT. I've seen several theories on who everyone else thinks is the rat, but the one that sticks out in my mind is Chucky… I’m wondering if everyone has forgotten that he was given to the Chinese in Season 1 and once his services were no longer needed he ended back up with the club in Season 2. There was something about how he talked with Gemma and Jax in earlier episodes that set off warning lights in my head when Jax called him family. He was acting a little sketchier than normal Chucky. Plus, he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, if that makes sense. He sees all and hears all, but we don’t see him. 

Amanda: I agree with Erin and believed Jury when he said he did not rat out the club to the Chinese. As far as who did it, that is a tough one. Is there someway that the mother could have figured out what happened and ratted to the Chinese? She is my first guess right now. It might also explain why they were so jittery when SAMCRO rode up to their house.

Christine:  I've been thinking it had to be Jury but after his speech about JT, I believed him. Unfortunately I'm left with no idea about the identity of the real rat.  

Should Jax turn over the mother and son to save Bobby? Will he?

Leigh: I can't choose between sending 2 innocent parties to their death. Jax never really had a problem with sacrificing people before however, so I'm surprised he hasn't done everything he can to get Bobby back already. Bobby is his family.

Erin:  If I were Jax, I would do everything to save Bobby, but at the same time keep the mother and son safe. They didn't ask to be brought into the crap storm that they've been dropped into. The scenes shown for last week were interesting where the son looked as if he were trying to go after August on his own and Jax trying to keep him from doing anything stupid. It will be interesting to see where that leads. 

Amanda: Jax has done a lot of horrible things so far. How desperate would he need to be to hand over the mother and son is the real question. I think Jax has a point that he could be pushed to, then he would reluctantly hand them over. 

Christine: What a mess. Should he? No, but then again none of them should be in this mess. Will he turn them over? If he thinks he can't get Bobby out any other way then I think he probably will. 

Is Nero right? Is taking the boys to his farm the only way to keep them safe? Will Gemma allow it?

Leigh: It is a way out and it is a good idea, but I don't think Gemma would allow it. Abel needs more than a move. He heard what his grandmother did to his mother and he's on the brim of telling. I loved his little exchange "Abel do you know what an accident means?" "Do you?"

Erin:  I think Nero’s heart is in the right place. He wants to get out and go some place that feels safe. I have to ask though, is anyone really safe when they leave that life? The message on the wall in Thomas and Abel’s room was testament to that; even if I think that Nero sent the message himself and killed Gemma’s crows as a scare tactic. That was made clear when Lin threatened Nero’s son. No son is safe. If Nero’s son could be found in the rehabilitation center he was at, then they could be found on the farm at anytime. As far as Gemma allowing it? Her time is coming to a close soon enough. She won’t have a choice but to let them go if it goes that direction. 

Amanda: I think it is a way to keep them out of the immediate line of fire, for now. It was sweet that Nero wanted Wendy to come along and help out. Unless the club manages to solve all of the current problems it has, the boys are not going to be safe for a very long time. I think Gemma is starting to figure that out too, but it won't be easy for her to admit it. Also, when was the last time Jax even spent any time with them? 

Christine:  It seems the safest option available. I know Wendy has no real pull here but Abel is her son so I hope she tries to get Gemma to take Nero up on his offer. But while Wendy's helping with an occupational therapist for Nero's son, she needs to find a psychologist for her son. He's going to need it. 

Will Bobby make it out of this alive?

Leigh: Probably not. It's the final ride.

Erin:  I will always have faith that Bobby will make it out alive. The scenes last night were a testament of how outlaw Bobby Munson is. He’s willing to die for his brothers and club. The brilliant mind that is Kurt Sutter, well… we all know what happens to fan favorites. They go the way of the reaper. I really, really hope that Bobby lives and is the one who brings down the rain of Mr. Mayhem to Moses Cartwright. 

Amanda: Bobby's kidnapping has really raised the stakes in these past two episodes. This whole season has been about high stakes. I am going to be a very selfish viewer with my comment. I want the stakes to be high and think that the death toll needs to go up by season end, but I don't want characters to die too early, I don't want to have to spend a lot of time with characters grieving when there are too many secrets to be uncovered! 

Christine:  I want Bobby to live and I want Gemma to have to look at what's happened to him and realize the horrors that her lie has caused. 

If Unser figures out that Gemma killed Tara, what do you think he will do about it?

Leigh: Not sure if he'll let his feelings for her prevent it, but I think he should tell. As his last good act for the CPD he should solve that murder.

Erin:  He really wants to find out who killed Tara and bring the killer to justice. I think that Unser is finally to the point that he’s done with Gemma’s manipulation. With Gemma helping Juice and now Juice is ready to hand over the murder weapon, it will not be long before they know that Gemma did the deed. His last shining moment before the cancer takes him should be him being the one to slap the cuffs on Gemma as she’s carted away for the murder. It would be a bittersweet ending to the story of unrequited love. 

Amanda: I think he will lose his faith in Gemma and SAMCRO once he finds out. I don't know if he will be able to handle what Gemma's manipulations have caused.  

Christine:  Part of me wonders if he will go to Jax but Jax is such a wild card in this that I think Unser will turn the evidence over and arrest her himself. The worst case scenario is that Gemma ends up killing Unser as well once she realizes he knows her secret. I'd hate to see that. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode.

Leigh: Jax vs. Jury. Even though what Jury said was harsh it was true, JT would probably be pissed if he knew the way Jax had become. 

Erin:  It’s really hard to pinpoint just one when there are three that really got me. The first scenes that stick out as my favorites are both times that Jax and Chibs on the rooftop talking. Their friendship is so real and Filip is really Jax’s person to bring him back to center this season. I’m a little afraid of that relationship however, something in the back of my mind is telling me there is something on the horizon that we’re going to be yelling and screaming with a box of tissues. Especially since they said they loved each other and used first names. Sneaking in as a tie for my favorite is any scene with Tig and Rat. Last night Rat watching over Tig as he took a leak made me laugh. There were no words involved just those two being… well those two. Call me twisted, but I love how their relationship has grown since Rat has been patched in.

Amanda: My favorite scene was the talk between Jury and Jax. I had no idea what was going to happen and then POW. I agree with Erin that the scenes with Filip and Jax were good as well. It made me think that something is going to happen to rip this friendship to pieces, and that them having these close moments means that a storm is coming. 

Christine:  Tig nearly shooting the step-dad who was smacking his step-son around. Tig has a thing for underdogs. I also love how quick Rat was to improvise the story about why they were looks for Jury's son. It was impressive. 

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