Sons of Anarchy Round Table: The Sanest Person in Charming

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Lives were on the line once again on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5 as Jax went after Lin, Juice held a gun on Gemma and Abel protected his brother with a hammer.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Carla Day, Amanda Wolf and Christine Orlando debate who will end eventually end up with the boys, if Juice will take out Gemma and who is the sanest person left in Charming.

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Do you think Wendy will eventually take Abel and Thomas?

Leigh: I don't think Wendy will steal them or anything, but yes I think she'll end up with them. Jax barely raises them now. She kind of promised Tara in the past that she would when Tara was worried something was going to happen to her.

Carla: It's too soon to know. I don't think she'd kidnap them, though she may end up being their primary caregiver and protector. She's definitely the most stable person in their lives. At this point, neither Gemma or Jax would be willing to give up the boys no matter how much danger and death the boys are around. 

Amanda:  She is the natural choice for who will be their primary care taker. I agree with Leigh on this one. Tara made plans that Wendy would take care of them if her and Jax were to die, and those plans were legally binding if I remember correctly. Although, not sure if those went out the window in the last season or not. But if Jax ends up dying, I at least want to know that Gemma wont get a chance to raise those kids. 

Christine:  I hope so. Neither Jax nor Gemma are proving to be fit guardians for those children. My guess is that everyone else will end up either dead or in prison by the end of the series and that will leave Wendy to pick up the pieces. If she can stay away from the drugs she'll probably make a pretty good mom.

Will Juice kill Gemma?

Leigh: First I said no way would they kill Gemma Teller off screen. But by the way that whole scrambling into the woods scene was so reminiscent of Adrianna in the Sopranos. Then I also remember that Gemma filmed a scene at a diner on the road with Lea Michele (which was in previews) and it hasn't aired yet.

Carla: No. She's Gemma. She'll talk her way out of it or put at least some doubt in his mind. Juice's troubles have all stemmed from his good heart. He kills in split second decisions. He's had too much time to think about it, so Gemma will live another day. Besides, she has to face the wrath and punishment for killing Tara, right?

Amanda:  No. I agree with Carla, I don't think Juice will be able to kill Gemma now that he has had time to think about. What motivation does he have anyway? Is he mad at her because she killed Tara? Something tells me that his anger about that wouldn't beat the fact that he can't go back to the club because of what he revealed to Nero. He knows it is his own fault that he can't go back. Sure Gemma tried to kill him, but I don't think he can do it. 

Christine:  Amanda, Juice is holding the gun on Gemma because he believes she was about to kill him. That said, you're right. Juice tends to kill impulsively so the odds are against him killing. Besides, I'd feel completely cheated if Gemma didn't have to face Jax when he finds out what she's done.

Did Baranski kill the pawn shop guy because he didn't trust him or because he was afraid of what he could tell the club?

Leigh: Probably couldn't trust him and had to prove a point. The guy who called him was obviously the Indian Hills guy who was devastated about having his friend killed who helped on the gun raid.

Carla:  Baranski was frustrated and angry. He let the club and himself down by trusting the wrong person. Betrayal equals death in their world. If the pawn shop guy kept talking he wouldn't have helped the situation anyway. Bullet to the head. That's Baranski justice.

Amanda:  Maybe a little bit of both. I don't doubt for a second that Baranski has secrets/business deals that he doesn't want SAMCRO to know about. He has always been out for himself. It's respectable considering SAMCRO would not choose him over their own interests either. Its all about power and while they have balance their sides are safe, but if that balance is ruined then all bets are off. 

Christine:  It could go either way. Like Amanda said, Baranski no doubt has his own secrets. If the pawn shop guy actually knew anything, it was safer to kill him. Even if he didn't, he proved he couldn't be trusted and already knew too much so his fate was sealed either way. 

Name the sanest person left in Charming.

Leigh: Chibs. I love that Scotsman. So proud of him for finally getting some booty.

Carla: Thomas. He's too young to be affected by the crazy around him the way Abel has been. He's just a happy kid oblivious to the death and disturbance around him. For an adult, it's Wendy. She's got a good head now and she sticks around not for the crazy, but to protect those boys. 

Amanda:  Wendy and Nero are the sanest people on the show, at least now that Tara is dead. Wendy maybe more so, mainly because she isn't dating Gemma. 

Christine: As much as I love Nero, he is dating Gemma and sticks his head in the sand to her craziness. So I've got to go with Wendy, although I find it ironic that the ex-junkie turned out to be the sanest person in Charming.

What was your favorite scene of the episode?


Leigh: Probably Gemma and Juice at the very end when he calls her out on lying and saving her life the last time. It's about damn time. Juice may be losing it a bit and a dead man walking, but he is the only one keeping Gemma from being able to slip completely into her lie. Nice confrontation.

Carla: Chibs and Jarry! He's finally getting some lovin'!

Amanda:   Chibs and Jarry getting it on. Chibs seems like a nice guy and I am glad to see him with a woman! He has had a sad past with women and its good to see him happy, even though he is part of all the Sons mayhem. 

Christine:  Little Abel standing there guarding his baby brother with a hammer. Talk about disturbing. It may end up being horrible foreshadowing of things to come. 

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