The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Facts of Bleeping Life

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Any show that titled their episode, "The Facts of Bleeping Life," is sure to be great!

On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 3 Barry and Adam put together a band -- the only song they know is by Twisted Sister. It always amazes me that Barry truly thinks he is talented. Though, I admit, I am looking forward to Big Tasty making a comeback.

It was not shocking in the least that we have Beverly and Pops as the only "groupies" for their band. I'd probably drink more then a martini if I had to listen to the same song over and over again.

It's cool seeing Lainey and Erica getting excited about MTV. Yes, MTV used to platy music videos before the Jersey Shore moved in. Seeing the two girls just waiting impatiently for The Bangles to come on definitely brought back memories of Total Request Live for me.

Speaking of Lainey, the writers are thankfully addressing that big kiss her and Barry shared last season. Even though Barry is a complete moron, I hope he gets the girl. It looked like Lainey was willing to give him a chance. It will be interesting to see the weirdness when the relationship happens between Erica and Barry.

How great were Lainey and Erica singing, 'Eternal Flame?' For those not aware, Lainey is played by the talented, AJ Michalka, who is a singer/songwriter. It's a smart move on the writers part to showcase the talent of both young ladies. Now we just need to hear more from these two!

Let me be honest, I hate when they dumb down the husbands on any comedies. It is annoying, irritating and mildly offensive. Then you bring in Murray, who is dumb, per se, but can be clueless. It is the one instance where I do not mind the cliche. 

Yes, Murray going with the theme song from 'Family Ties' as vows was pretty dumb BUT that is what makes the character relatable. Murray isn't dumb, he is just a man that is desperate to please his wife no matter what. He clearly loves her and maybe the theme song just spoke to him.

There are 2 moments from tonight that made this my all time favorite episode, one being the "band off" between Barry/Adam and Erica/Lainey. Come on! The Bangles, "Eternal Flame," vs Twisted Sister, "We're Not Gonna Take It," was pure genius! Note to Glee, do not mash these songs.

The moment that really made this episode stand out was when Murray threw the surprise wedding for Bev. Watching her wake up with the song "Eternal Flame" and being escorted down the aisle, with just her family (and Lainey) in attendance, actually choked me up.

I know that I am constantly loving on The Goldbergs, but this is what they get right! They do the crazy antic-filled stories but then they throw in those sweet moments.

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The Facts of Bleeping Life Review

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