The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Mystery of the Biker Bar

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Well, Laura, every week you seem to bring me laughs - and this week was no different.

Following The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 3, I have to ask, can we please have angry Laura more often? Her yelling at the people taking the selfie was just too much! It definitely shows the world we live in, where taking a selfie is more important than the dead person behind you.

I never thought I'd write 'selfie' so much.

We also got a nice glimpse of who Laura was before she became a cop. It seems as though she was an outcast and enjoyed being surrounded by fellow outcasts. Looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store with regard to fleshing her character out.

This was definitely the beginning of trying to get Laura and Jake together. I know I have already stated that I wasn't down for this pairing, BUT, after that slow dance I just can't resist. CHEMISTRY OVERLOAD

It was nice seeing badass Jake tonight, instead of the more immature version we have become accustomed to. Jake playing hardball with that douche bag biker made me just love him even more! He wasn't causing him any harm, but the scare tactic was really smart. 

I was pretty sure that I would get annoyed with the "family time" at work, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. The kids were not as irritating this week and I enjoyed the new babysitter who we met last week. Yes, they still did juvenile things, like busting out the window, but they seemed like more normal kids. Way to go on giving them personalities!

It was nice to see Max and Meredith contribute to the actual case. Yeah, Max did some things for Laura and checking in on the sitter was pretty funny, but we have to understand that Max is the ultimate pushover who will do anything for Laura. Meredith, on the other hand, is someone I am looking forward to learning more about.

The only complaint that I do have tonight, which is kind of a biggie, was the main story. I found myself more interested in wanting to know more about the characters and less about the crime story. It was predictable and I figured out who the killer was before the first commercial. WIFE DID IT.

Something that they did right tonight was putting the ensemble together in one of the final scenes. How great was it to see everyone together hashing out the case? The actors worked well together and it was a much needed scene. The casting department did a great job with this show.

They seem to have found that nice balance between comedy and drama, they just need to work on the actual crime stories. This is the unfortunate thing about any shows dealing with crimes; the stories have all been done, but there is a way to make them fresh. 

It was a nice episode and I found myself enjoying it, despite the boring main storyline. They have a great group of actors that work well together, and could easily flesh out the character stories and make the crime portion be the "B storyline."

What did you think of tonight's episode of The Mysteries of Laura? Do you think they are putting Laura and Jake together? Most importantly, how adorable is Max?

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The Mystery of the Biker Bar Review

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Billy: How ya wanna handle this?
Laura: Alone.
Billy: You got it granny!

Once a 6, always a 6.