The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Chris Wood on Becoming Kai, Mystic Falls Magic and 1994

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What is Chris Wood's favorite song from 1994? Why do we care?

Because Wood is making waves as Kai, a witch trapped in 1994 with Bonnie and Damon, on The Vampire Diaries Season 6. The trio are doomed to relive their very own Groundhog's Day on May 10... unless Kai and Bonnie can work together to get the three of them home.

That is, if Bonnie will ever agree to take Kai back to the present day after learning that he massacred his entire coven.

What has it been like to bring Kai to life and what's in store for our trapped trio on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5? Keep reading to find out the answers to all that and more...

Kai, Bonnie, and Damon In 1994 - The Vampire Diaries

TV Fanatic: Let's start you off with a really hard one: What's your favorite song from 1994? 

Chris Wood: Oh, that IS a hard one! [Lots of "hmm"-ing] Let's go with "The Sign" by Ace of Base. That's the kind of song that will make you want to dance or throw the radio out the window.

TVF: Or both! Maybe at the same time. 

CW: Maybe it makes you want to do a dance while you throw the radio out the window! 

TVF: Yes! Exactly! Since you're new to The Vampire Diaries, we have to know: Delena or Stelena?

CW: I'm going to have to go with....Delena. Was that the right answer? 

TVF: That was my right answer, so we'll keep you around for a bit longer!

CW: [Laughs] Good to know!

TVF: You sort of have a thing for shows with "diaries" in the title. Tell us about what it's been like to go from playing Adam on The Carrie Diaries to Kai?

CW: It's been sort of schizophrenic! The two could not be more different. Adam was this creative person who inspired people and Kai is, well, sort of pychotic. Adam was a genius, and, well Kai is too.

TVF: He just uses his powers for evil instead of good.

CW: Exactly! But it's been great and a challenge to play someone who loves to have fun but is just sort of twisted. 

TVF: So, how did Kai end up trapped in Mystic Falls, or is he just trapped in 1994?

CW: Well, he's not just trapped in 1994. He's trapped on May 10, 1994. That's very significant, and there's a reason for it. But I can't tell you what that reason is. The prison world has its own rules, and Kai has had plenty of time to figure out some of them. Maybe they're stuck in Mystic Falls, but maybe they aren't. Maybe he's free to roam the world but there's a reason he's in Mystic Falls in particular. Maybe.

TVF: That was a pretty good answer that told us not very much at all! 

CW: Well I can't give away everything! Plus they won't let me!

TVF: True, true. We do want to keep you around after all. Since Kai has been trapped for 20 years, why did he wait another four months before revealing himself to Bonnie and Damon?

CW: He's a guy who likes to play games, you know? Since he's been there all this time by himself, he's a little cracked from living the same day over and over. Suddenly two new faces show up and he just takes his time getting to know who they are and why they're there. He plays with them in those really fun ways you saw, by answering the crossword puzzle and turning on the carousel, and he just enjoys screwing with them.

He especially enjoys screwing with Damon. Kai doesn't back down from Damon, and that's been a really great part to play. He seemed scared of him in the grocery store, but maybe that was just an act to get Damon to drink the bourbon. There's a really great confrontation coming up this week between Kai and Damon that was a lot of fun to shoot. The end result of their interaction is kind of shocking.

TVF: I'm definitely intrigued now! If they're all in Kai's Hell, why is it the place Grams chose to send Bonnie? Aside from helping you escape, will we find out why she's there?

CW: Bonnie's magic is very important to Kai. Like I said before, the prison world has its own rules and we're going to learn about those and what Bonnie's part in it is. Whether this was where Grams meant to send Bonnie or whether Kai brought her there somehow is the real mystery.

TVF: Can Bonnie and Damon trust Kai's promise not to hurt them as long as they work with him?

CW: Do they have a choice? He's their way out, and he's pretty psychotic. He's good at getting what he wants out of people and isn't afraid. What does he have to lose, you know? 

TVF: Assuming he makes it out of there, what is Kai's first move with the Gemini Coven? 

CW: IF he makes it out of there...

TVF: Well, we want to keep you around!

CW: [Laughs] Good! So, if Kai makes it out of the prison world, I'd say he's probably going to bide his time for a bit while he tries to get his bearings. He's had 20 years to think about what he'd do to them but he has to do some recon before he can make a move. So that's what Kai does first, and as for the Gemini Coven, well, we know he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

You can watch Chris Wood on The CW this Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. or you can watch The Vampire Diaries online right here at TV Fanatic to get your Kai fix!

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