A to Z Season 1 Episode 7 Review: G Is for Geronimo

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She can sing.

Since the beginning, Zelda has always been tight laced Zelda, but on A to Z Season 1 Episode 7, we saw (and heard) a new side when she revealed her desire to be a professional singer. 

Luckily, she wasn't because then the entire series wouldn't exist. In theory, that is. 

It's nice to know that after more episodes we are seeing new relationships develop besides Andrew and Zelda's. 

Seeing Andrew and Zelda start to have moments with the other's friend is a big part of that. They were brief, but you definitely got a sense of how they interact with each other, like Zelda messing with Stu for his big lie to Stephie. It was very brother/sister-like and I'm hoping they will explore that more. 

Though the one unusual relationship I am finding the most entertaining is Howard and Big Bird's. With Howard's unrequited love for Lydia, he's still trying to find the good in her in the episode, even if it isn't quite there.


Big Bird: I think I'm going to be sick. Quick, Howard, give me your shoe.
Howard: No, there's a trashcan right here.
Big Bird: Howard, please just give them to me.

The two of them have such a great back and forth, it puts aside the fact that I still don't know how I feel about Big Bird outside of that relationship. He is what makes her a more enjoyable character. 

It was funny to see how she reacted to being nice, like it was physically impossible for her to be. But of course, Howard's unrequited love was the only thing that thought there was actually a nice person deep down, when that probably isn't the case. 

Howard: You've even gotten a couple of pokes [on Facebook].
Big Bird: Pokes? Uh, I will cut them. Is there a 'cut them' button?

I'm also glad that Stephie has gotten her revenge on Stu. To be honest, I thought the story had moved beyond Scat-Cat, but Stephie's revenge was good payback. It was simple, but did a number, especially since it led to Stu getting in a motorcycle crash and killing a moose. 

One of the funnier exchanges of the episode was between Andrew and Dinesh about Pandora's box. The two characters haven't had that much interaction, but this was a great way to think they did. The persistence of Dinesh in the Pandora vs. iTunes difference was amusing, too.

Andrew: I almost opened Pandora's box.
Dinesh: That makes no sense because you're using iTunes, not Pandora.

By far, the one thing I was looking forward to was hearing Cristin Milioti sing. When it was revealed that she was a singer, I was hoping we would see/hear her sing, thanks to How I Met Your Mother

On How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 16, she sang the very beautiful, and very important, "La Vie En Rose." So, the fact that she actually sang at the end of the episode was a wonderful addition and my favorite part of the the episode. Just glad, Andrew got her out of the funk that gave her the courage to do it.

Here's to more Cristin Milioti singing. 

Do you want Andrew and Zelda to have a separate story with the other's friend? Is Big Bird really nice deep, deep down? Was Stephie's revenge the right revenge on Stu?

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G Is for Geronimo Review

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A to Z Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Stephie: [to Andrew] I told you this was a bad idea.
Stu: Couldn't you have predicted this?
Stephie: I did. I just told him it was a bad idea.

Let's go eat some dead fish. I bet they had dreams once, too.