Awkward Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Sprang Break, Part 1

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Jenna may finally see that her greener pasture isn’t necessarily with Matty on Awkward Season 4 Episode 20.

After talking with Brian, and realizing he has a plan for what he wants to do, Jenna realizes that her problems are pretty insignificant. She’s continually focusing on Matty, and what he can offer her, and what Jenna should be thinking about is what she can offer to the world and what the world can offer her.

Allowing herself slightly broader horizons gives Jenna more possibilities and more people than just Matty and her high school. Jenna’s college acceptance letter is just the escape Jenna can use to discover all of those things.

With Matty shutting the door in Jenna’s face after she works so hard to help him find his birth father and lend an ear, it’s time for Jenna to go elsewhere. Either Matty wants Jenna or her doesn’t, but she’s been strung along enough. 

Possibilities and broader horizons is a recurring topic this installment, with Lissa emerging from her grounding a…very regular teenager now. Rather than worry about what Jesus thinks, Lissa is content to use Jesus as just another curse word, and even after she beds Tyler, while the sparks don’t fly between them, she doesn’t revert back to her old ways. This corrupted Lissa is rather fun, and she needs to stay around a while.

Sadie and Sergio drift further apart the longer she talks about getting out of the West Coast in favor or New York City and the east. As much as Sadie is the Queen of Mean and Everything, I’m tending towards Sergio’s opinion. It’s one thing to really want to leave the hellhole Sadie found herself in with Aly, but the incessant bragging is a version of Sadie from a long time ago; she could’ve found some compassion for Sergio in the situation before he had to point it out to her.

Lastly, Tamara and Jake are big in Japan! Long live Jakara! Except they’re only big enough to be made fun of.

No matter how big Jake and Tamara are in Japan, nothing can take the place of Ming. If you’re feeling Awkward nostalgic, don’t go anywhere, watch Awkward online right here at TV Fanatic.

Sprang Break, Part 1 Review

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Don’t make me seem like a heartless bitch just because I have higher aspirations than going to a JC and working on a food truck.


So, should we fuck like animals?