Gotham Round Table: Batkid and Catgirl

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It's the adventures of Batkid and Catgirl! Sort of...

With Bruce and Selina on the run from assassins, we really got to see just how awesome Alfred is on Gotham Season 1 Episode 10. Plus, Carmine is still trying to maintain control and Jim's headed to Arkham. But is that good for the show?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Kathleen Weidel, Hank Otero and Sean McKenna as the discuss the fall finale. Sound off with your own comments below!

Gotham RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene?

Kathleen: I really enjoyed it when Alfred totally owned Butch - the guy didn't even see it coming! I love this version of Alfred.

Hank: I enjoyed that the assassins managed to get Bruce out of the Wayne Mansion. I'm tired of that set to be honest, it's claustrophobic. Therefore, everything that had to do with Selina and Bruce on the run was a blast for me. Bruce chasing Selina across the rooftops was very cool.

Sean: Alfred fighting the assassins was fantastic. Not only was he skilled, but we really got to see that different side to his character. What's more, it really got me wanting to see more Alfred. And that's a good thing when I really want to like the characters even more than I have.

Do you like the more action version of Alfred?

Kathleen: As I mentioned above, I'm absolutely thrilled with this Alfred. He's part butler, part bodyguard, part father-figure, and all awesome; Sean Pertwee shines in this role, and Alfred is probably my favorite part of Gotham.

Hank: Absolutely! I was wondering how the writers would make the young Bruce stuff interesting and we've got Alfred to thank for that. It's the only relationship I'm invested in so far and Sean Pertwee is fantastic as Alfred. As Kathleen mentioned, he's probably my favorite character on Gotham.

Sean: Alfred is definitely my favorite character on this series, and I almost wish we'd get more focus on him, even see some of his backstory. Sean Pertwee is great in the role, and creating a different version of Alfred is proving to be a good move.

Would you want more adventures of Selina and Bruce together?

Kathleen: Selina and Bruce make a fun duo, with each one a stranger to the other's world. The young actors (Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz) also play their roles quite well. Over the long term, the relationship presents the perfect opportunity to get Bruce out of the mansion and into the streets of Gotham. That said, Gotham probably shouldn't devolve into the Selina and Bruce Adventures at the expense of the rest of the story.

Hank: While I enjoyed Bruce and Selina's adventure this week, the showrunners should probably use that duo sparingly. I'm with Kathleen, this is Gotham not The Adventures of Batkid and Catgirl. I will say it's kind of scary that this silly tween adventure was more fun than the rest of the show.

Sean: I actually liked the relationship between Bruce and Selina, but I'd much rather not see Batkid and Catgirl every week. It has to be sparingly for sure.

Alfred on Gotham

Who will die first: Carmine or Fish?

Kathleen: Fish is doomed. Carmine's the don for a reason, and Fish is just not as clever as she thinks she is. Plus, Fish is just way too ambitious for her own good.

Hank: I have a feeling Fish will succeed in taking out Falcone, only it can't last. The Penguin has his eye on the top spot and he'll dine on Fish for it.

Sean: I feel like Carmine then Fish? That has to happen soon, especially because I'd much rather see Oswald at the top than more Fish plans against Carmine.

What do you think of Jim being sent to work at Arkham?

Kathleen: This is merely an plot contrivance to see close up the genesis of Arkham Asylum as the breeding ground for some of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City's extensive rogues gallery. I don't imagine Jim will stick around the place very long before returning to the homicide division.

Hank: Unless we're going to meet some interesting inmates at Arkham it's a sign the writers don't know what to do with the Gordon character. He's supposed to be our protagonist, but he's the most predictable and bland guy on this series. My problem with Gotham is that I don't particularly care for any of its characters, aside from Alfred of course. It's one thing to feel indifferent toward one or two characters, but the majority of the players involved? That's a massive problem which is not going to be easy to fix. I'm giving the series a few more episodes before I tune out.

Sean: Look, the visual of the Arkham gate is cool. And yet, I don't really feel its necessary to have sent Jim there other than to give focus on the asylum. I just really would like to see some more development with Jim. I agree with Hank, he's supposed to be the main protagonist, but the character hasn't wowed me or made me excited to see what he's up to next, you know, like Alfred.

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