Gotham Round Table: Do You Believe In Harvey Dent?

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Jim may have some common goals with the coin-flipping Harvey Dent, but can we trust him?

The future Two-Face was just one factor on Gotham Season 1 Episode 9 as Fish continued to cause problems for Carmine, Bruce made friends with Selina and Barbara found a new residence she probably won't want to leave.

So join in the latest Gotham Round Table and see what TV Fanatic staff writers Kathleen Weidel, Hank Otero, Carla Day and Sean McKenna had to say about the episode.

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What was your favorite scene or moment?
Kathleen: Ask me a tough one next! I loved the scene when Selina goads Bruce into a food fight. It was so nice to see Bruce actually act like a kid for once!

Hank: I've got to agree with Kathleen. Bruce and Selina's interaction this week totally made the episode for me. There was chemistry between them even as kids, no wonder these two hook up as adults. Ha!

Carla: I have to go with the same as Kathleen and Hank. I've been waiting for Bruce and Selina to meet, and it didn't disappoint. My favorite moment was the food fight. Bruce finally let go, and it was awesome to see. I appreciated Alfred's initial reaction to calm them down and then recognize the importance of the moment too.

Sean: Not only am I going to agree with all of you, but it was actually a surprise to me. I've been hesitant about watching this much younger version of Bruce, and Selina hasn't really had any opportunity to do anything. So to wind up actually seeing that interaction, the two coming together, and even having some much needed fun? There's definitely something to be said when we all liked that moment.

Do you like the addition of Harvey Dent?

Kathleen: He's intense, isn't he? It's easy to see how he could make the transformation into Two-Face. That said, he's so intense that maybe they should use him a bit sparingly. Then again, this is Gotham...

Hank: I thought he was alright. Introducing more and more familiar Batman characters is simply becoming a gimmick at this point. By the way, what's the deal with using titles like "Harvey Dent" and "Selina Kyle" then hardly featuring them in their own episodes? 

Carla: I didn't particularly like or dislike. I wasn't overly impressed with his introduction and maybe that's because it didn't seem like he did anything of note. He was just sort of there.

Sean: Harvey Dent was fine as was the casting choice. But I agree, I wasn't blown away. And maybe that's because he didn't have much to do or because he's just another in a long list of Batman name drops or because I worry we'll never get to truly get deeper with a character that should be interesting. But I'm holding out it'll turn out Ok... Who wants to flip on it?

Are you glad to see Bruce and Selina getting a chance to hang out?

Kathleen: Their life experiences have been pretty much polar opposites, with the murder of the Waynes being the key moment bringing them together. Selina has lived such a hard life on the streets, so she's pretty much a fish out of water when it comes to living in Wayne Manor. Bruce is so adorably awkward as he tries to engage her, and as I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the food fight scene.

Hank: As I mentioned above, the Bruce and Selina stuff is what made this otherwise bland episode somewhat fun for me. The writers hit on something that works with these two... give us more for Pete's sake.

Carla: Absolutely. As I mentioned above, I waited in anticipation for the meeting between Bruce and Selina and it was as entertaining as I hoped. I hope she stays at the Manor for a while. Bruce needs the friendship and she could use a home.

Sean: Selina really opened up Bruce's eyes to the fact that there's more to being strong and learning about Gotham than just holding your breath or boxing. The two come from wildly different worlds, so I love how that plays into their relationship. Plus, it felt like we were watching some real characters interact.

Were you shocked to see Barbara back with Montoya?

Kathleen: More frustrated than shocked, to be honest. It makes me think of Juliette from Grimm, and all the trials and tribulations Nick Burkhardt has endured in his relationship with her. Seriously, I hope they don't turn Barbara into a millstone around Jim Gordon's neck, with her only purpose to cause him grief.

Hank: Honestly, I dislike the Barbara character completely. This move made zero sense other than to cause drama for poor Jim. He's got to forget her. The showrunners need to either kill Barbara off or give us a twist we're not expecting to make her more interesting.

Carla: I guess. When that was revealed, I was disappointed. Barbara is the weak link of the series. I've never seen a real connection between Barbara and Jim, so maybe it's better she's with Montoya. Overall, I just don't care. When she left town, I hoped she wouldn't come back.

Sean: I really didn't care. The whole surprise that it was Montoya with her just felt like an unnecessary attempt to add drama for a relationship we've barely gotten to know or care about. Jim. Montoya. To me, it doesn't matter who she picks, she hasn't been a character I've really cared about anyway.

Do you think we will find out who killed Bruce’s parents before the end of Gotham Season 1?

Kathleen: Perhaps we'll find out the identity of the man who pulled the trigger, but I suspect that we'll have to wait a lot longer before they reveal the whole story.

Hank: I thought this might be a series long mystery, at least until Bruce is a little older. However, it's possible we'll have some idea by the end of this season. Something's got to shake up the show, they're losing me.

Carla: I don't think the mystery will be resolved, but we will likely have a suspect in mind. I don't expect to know the full truth behind their murders for years, if ever.

Sean: I just don't think its something they can drag out anymore. But I'm just wondering if and when we do find out, will we even care? I feel like I keep waiting for Gotham to really get into gear as a whole, but I'm worried that might take even longer than I was expecting.

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Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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