New Girl Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Background Check

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Oh, New Girl! You come back from a much needed break and bring us a wonderfully comedic episode -- finally!

On New Girl Season 4 Episode 6 Jess has meth! It made for some extremely funny moments between the group of friends. Jess immediately thinking of Cece as the one that would know what to do with the meth was comical. Did we really think she had the drugs? No. Did it make for some interesting situations? Yes, it certainly did.

Nick singing "Landslide" will officially go down as one of the best moments this season. Thanks to Nick we now know the proper way to avoid uncomfortable situations: cover your ears, close your eyes and sing a song -- good to know. 

Poor Winston! He has this group of friends that mean well but are terrible when it comes to making him look good. Did anyone else want to give him a hug when Jess admitted that she never thought he would make it as a cop? Thankfully he is going to live out his dream because he's one of one of the best cadets.

The return of Schmidt being obsessed with Cece was not at all surprising but it was an unwelcome subplot. Are we seriously going down this road again? Schmidt cheated on Cece, has hurt her many times and she is now trying to move on with her life. Yes, they have nice chemistry but this is just getting ridiculous; lets move on to bigger and better things. Though it was hilarious hearing what Schmidt wanted to do to Cece's date Paul. 

It was refreshing having the entire cast be part of the main storyline. It was almost like the writers listened to what we wanted -- more ensemble stories -- and are trying to give it to us. Now if they want to keep us happy, they are going to have to really work on the development of the characters; we need these guys to evolve into actual adults with some form of common sense. 

What did you think of tonight's episode of New Girl? Did you find yourself missing the show for the past couple of weeks? Or are you done with it altogether?

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Background Check Review

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