Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 9 Review: The Devil You Know

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The Brotherhood may be the new up and comers, but I wouldn’t count out Elias just yet. And I definitely wouldn’t want to be in his way when he comes back for revenge.

It’s interesting to think a character who was introduced in Person of Interest Season 1 not only has grown from just a powerfully dangerous man who brought order to the chaos of New York but one who has shifted into something of an ally to the POI team.

While he appears on the series every so often, Elias’ presence has always remained strong. He’s been an exciting character to watch; one with enough depth and possibility that, despite not being one of the “good guys,” you can’t help but want to see what he’ll be up to next.

To see him on the run from the Brotherhood on Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 9 was a definite but positive change of pace.

Sure, we got plenty of intense action and shoot outs, but the battle at the building Elias had purchased, the former boys home, brought out more backstory and memories involving the bespectacled character.

We really got to see his care and concern for his No. 2 but, more importantly, his friend.

For me to care about the fate of Scarface – to watch the phone call between two best friends that would seemingly be the last – was a rather emotional one. Really, it’s Person of Interest’s ability to create those characters and relationships that aren’t just one and done. There’s personality and stakes and meaning behind the stories being told, even beyond just the main cast.

Plus, it helps getting to know just a bit more about the past between Scarface and Elias.

The buildup to the explosion – the reveal of Elias’ actual plan – made the event that much more tragic.

I can only imagine the retaliation Elias will bring. Not just for the death of his friend, but for the betrayal from those closest to the ones who actually set the chain of events in motion: the Brotherood.

Elias always plays a sort of nice guy when he speaks, but there was a real fierce and freighting tone to his voice when he told Finch and Reese to stay out of his way.

Truthfully, in combination with the particular number of the week, the hour really illustrated the tightening noose, the feeling that everything is continuing to ramp up towards something even more game changing, something possibly even more tragic.

I fear a POI member will not make it past the end of Person of Interest Season 4.

With the Samaritan asset nearly taking out Shaw (in what was a very cool gun battle between the two femme fatales), the hidden lives of the team are looking to be exposed.

I really was worried Shaw might try and rescue Reese and get everyone uncovered or, worse, get herself killed.

Even when the asset showed up to speak with Fusco, I was prepared for something bad to happen. Luckily he was able to think on his feet. Smooth move, Fusco.

Now that Greer and Samaritan know it's blind to the POI team, the introduction of what looked to be a new team of assassins is definitely going to up the game.

Plus, Dominic now has his sights set on the POI team, too.

It's crazy to think in this most dangerous and violent world, with potential threats from all sides, the POI team still is intent on saving and protecting others. They really are a team of superheroes.

This was a gripping hour for sure and with the turf war, the machine war and the everyday rescues, the overall stakes keep getting higher and higher. I can only hope the POI team can find a way to come out of it all intact. But I really can't help but have a bad feeling…

What do you think of the Elias vs. Dominic battle? Will someone on the POI team die? Be sure to see the hour again when you watch Person of Interest online.

The Devil You Know Review

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