Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Ergo Ergo

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it was time to embrace the chaos on Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 6 as relationships changed and pride set the stage.

I did wish they would have had a little more fun with the Pride and Prejudice theme from the kids' class project but pride was the thread that ran through many of the stories; particularly Dr. McAndrews and Nurse Jackson.

Dr. Grace - Red Band Society

Was it Nurse Jackson's ego that pushed her to swap Charlie's lab work or desperation to keep him in the hospital and give him a fighting chance to see that specialist? I believe she was desperate and took a huge risk with her career to give the kid a chance at recovery. Now she's paying the price.

As for McAndrews, that was definitely pride. Between his ex-girlfriend coming back from her stint in Africa to take the promotion he coveted to having Nurse Jackson push for a specialist he didn't believe in, it appeared that Dr. McAndrews' ego was a bit bruised. At least he relented about the specialist but he took his anger out on Nurse Jackson. I expected a confrontation between the two, not for him to turn her in. 

As usual, Kara had all the best lines as when a stranger approached her after she'd gone blind in this Red Band Society quote...

Do you even work here are you some sicko with a fetish for hot blind girls?


I half wondered the same thing. I don't know what Hunter's story is but he seems like an ass. 

It was nice to see Kara and her Mom have a bonding moment, especially after her Mom walked out during their argument just before Kara's pacemaker surgery. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Kara is a teenager and has issues grasping the consequences her actions are having when it comes to saving her her own life. 

Finally we get to the hospital love triangle of Leo, Emma and Jordi. Am I the only one who doesn't like Jordi? All along there's been something about him that's felt off. Him punching Leo and calling him a gimp solidified those feelings. 

When Jordi threw his Red Band away, I almost didn't care. 

One of the best scenes was Dash reminding Emma that choosing which guy to date should be about fun, not about spreadsheets. It was heartbreaking to hear her admit that she couldn't understand why they both liked her when she wasn't sure she liked herself. Dash was handing down the wisdom to all parties but especially to Emma when he told her...

Well if that's true then you need to focus less on who you like and more on liking yourself.


In the end, it was great to see Emma choose Leo but Dash was right. She has self esteem issues and a serious eating disorder. Emma needs to make herself the priority. 

So will Kara survive her heart condition? What did you think of Hunter and did Emma make the right decision?

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Ergo Ergo Review

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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you even work here are you some sicko with a fetish for hot blind girls?


I'm just going full blown Magoo right now, no big deal.