Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Know Thyself

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It was a difficult day for buffalo, David Rosen and Dash on Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 as almost everyone rallied to find a way to lift Nurse Jackson's suspension. Even with all the darkness, one couple managed to find the light. 

Leo brought Emma out to meet a couple of his friends and his enthusiasm was endearing. He couldn't wait to introduce her as his girlfriend, the problem was that they were all meeting over lunch. 

I didn't think Lauren was trying to be mean. As she explained later, she has no filter so whatever questions popped into her head came out of her mouth and she had a lot of questions. They just happened to be many of the same questions circling Leo's mind as well. 

Emma is a cool, smart, beautiful girl who is slowly killing herself despite a hospital full of people trying to stop her. Watching her take a bite of that cookie was a small step, but a heartwarming and oh so chocolaty one. I don't doubt that there are many challenges to come, especially with her father coming to visit, but it was nice to finally see Emma and Leo catch a break, even if it was only a moment. 

The rest of the kids spent the hour running around the hospital trying to sneak into the surgical ward and I'm with Charlie on this one as he said in this Red Band Society quote...

Seriously who needs to see all that blood? Unless it's Game of Thrones, I'm not interested.


I found it sad that Hunter, Kara, and Jordi barely noticed that Dash was struggling to breathe the entire time and despite Hunter's story comparing the rotting buffalo to his would-be liver, I still don't like him. 

However it was surprising that Kara was the one person to point out to him that...

Maybe we do all die alone but that doesn't mean we need to live alone.


This from the girl who had no interest in anybody when she first arrived. 

Brittany's picture of Nurse Jackson sitting alone in her hovel of an apartment eating microwavable meals was completely off the mark. Her apartment was gorgeous, the woman can cook a fine French meal, and she can sing.

The subplot of her singing career was a little schmaltzy but it eventually led to Kenji reminding her that she didn't just fall into nursing. There were plenty of other things she could have chosen. Nursing was a calling. 

Now that Nurse Jackson is back at the hospital where she belongs and Charlie's eyes are open, does that mean he's officially out of his coma? Will he be normal? Talking? What do you think comes next for the Red Band Society?

If you missed any of the heartwarming drama you can watch Red Band Society online here at TV Fanatic.

Know Thyself Review

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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sorry, I'm just not good at taking sides, especially since one of the sides has George Clooney hair and could be the father of my future child.


Brittany, in the three days since Jackson's been gone I've worked four doubles which I didn't even know was mathematically possible. I've been thrown up on eleven times, shaved a screaming child whose medication was making him grow body hair, and now I'm compulsively eating deep fried beef just to stay awake.