Scandal Round Table: An Unholy Alliance

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Jake's name has been cleared and an unholy alliance is forming between Olivia and her lovers as the trio prepares to take Rowan down once and for all. That's going to be one spectacular sight to behold!

But first, let's take a look at what got us to this point as we break down the latest episode of Scandal Season 4. Join TVF Staffers Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as they discuss "Baby Made a Mess."

Then, be sure to jump into the comments below with your answers to this week's questions...

Scandal RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 7?

Leigh: Gotta go with Olivia visiting Tom. We've barely heard him speak before and he blew my mind in that scene. Helen of Troy.

Christine:  Mellie telling off Fitz on the balcony. He didn't like smelly Mellie or crying Mellie, or chicken-fried Mellie. She crumbled after her son died and took two months to wallow and he lambasted her while she has been lifting him up for two decades. Let's see how Fitz likes take control, in it for herself Mellie. This should be fun.

Carla: The confrontation of Tom was awesome. He's one creepy dude. I'm not sure how he passed the psychological exam to be a Secret Service Agent. I guess Command pushed it through.... My favorite moment was the look on Jake's face as he walked into the President's bunker and saw Olivia and Fitz there. That was a memorable look.

Jim: While Leigh and Carla are on the right track, for me it was at the end with Olivia reminded us that Command is her father and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Finding out that she paid to have Tom stabbed to make him talk blew my mind!

Miranda: "Chicken-fried Mellie" cracked me up! Since you guys have already picked some great scenes, I'll go with the end when Jake walked into the room, excited to see Olivia, and then it was revealed that Fitz was also there. The shot of her standing between the two of them and the realization that even if they hate each other these men will have to work together to defeat their common enemy was great.

Why did Jeremy Winslow have pictures of Olivia and what is the thing they "can't stop from coming"?

Leigh: I literally can't figure this one out. I'd normally blame Rowan. This time I think it's Mama Pope because that crazy bitch isn't dead. Or it's something completely new.

Christine:  To hell if I know. Like Leigh said, it could be Rowan related, Mama Pope, or something else entirely. The man let his daughter be killed and shot himself in the head so there's no way this is anything but horrible.

Carla: Absolutely no clue. I don't even have a single idea that makes sense to speculate. Mama Pope is an intriguing idea, but I doubt it's her doing. She's in a hole after all. Whatever it is, I expect it's something we won't possibly see coming and I hope that's true.

Jim: No idea, none of the pictures seem to point in any specific direction, so guess we will all find out together. 

Miranda: At first, I was sort of annoyed at the Catherine Winslow story and the way it was dumped on us. Now that it looks like Rowan will be dispatched soon, I'm loving the slow build to the next chapter. So while I have no idea what he's talking about, and no way to hazard a guess, I'm eager to see what's coming. Consider my curiosity sufficiently piqued, Scandal writers. Well done.

How do you feel about Abby and Leo Bergen?

Leigh: Definitely a new found respect for Leo. And I'm proud of Abby. She kept it together professionally in the White House but also didn't hide the truth from Leo.

Christine:  I loved it when she blindsided Leo with the truth and loved it even more when he took out his own guy once he knew. There is a decent man inside that political machine somewhere. I don't know that I like him as a love interest for Abby but Leo definitely won some points with me.

Carla: I always like Abby and David together, but I was all in immediately when Abby and Leo kissed. There's something just slightly off about their chemistry that makes it so oddly delightful to watch. I hope we get to see them together more often whether for work or play.

Jim: I'm with Christine, Leo earned some major points with me after he showed his true colors, that he really does have a heart. I hope we get to see him around a little more, his interactions with Abby were pretty great.

Miranda: While I do love Abby and David together (and even secretly long for Stephen to return) there's something about Leo and his career as a fixer that really works. I especially like that their kiss wasn't OMG RIP YOUR CLOTHES OFF but just sort of sweet and silly. Here's hoping he doesn't turn out to be Mega Evil.

What is Cyrus' next move now that he knows Michael is the leak?

Leigh: Cyrus can play that like a fiddle. He will arrange something to screw with Liz. The problem is that I think he likes Michael.

Christine:  I'm just relieved that he knows. Cyrus is wickedly smart. Now that he knows the game I have no doubt he will play it to his advantage. He'll destroy Liz. Michael he may continue to play with for a while.

Carla: Cyrus needs to be careful because his paid relationship with Michael would bring shame on the Presidency and ruin his career. He's brilliant at manipulation though. My first thought was he'd have Michael killed, since that seems to be his first instinct to handle a problem, but that won't protect him at all. Liz would suspect him and leak evidence tying him to Michael. I hope he ruins Liz through misinformation, though without hurting Mellie.

Jim: Leigh took the words right out of my mouth. Cyrus is going to use Michael for all that he is paying him for. I suspect he will end up ruining Liz's career in the process some how. 

Miranda: If Cyrus is smart (and he is) he'll flip Michael into working for him instead of for Liz. Then he can destroy an enemy and keep his boy on the side. 

How will Jake, Fitz, and Olivia work together to take down Rowan?

Leigh: That is SOME trio. No idea what will happen going forward but Olivia's brilliance in this episode was reassuring. Tom was right, she didn't have a father, she had Command.

Christine:  Rowan better look out. He basically trained Jake and Olivia (who has finally taken Daddy's lessons to heart) and Fitz has the power of the President. I feel like Fitz is the weak link in this trio as he's the most likely to let his emotions get the better of him but still, this should be a fight to the death one way or the other.

Carla: I.Can't.Wait! It's going to be awesome. The three of them working together should be able to bring down Rowan. I'll miss Papa Pope, but he needs to spend the rest of his life in a hole. 

Jim: No idea, but it is going to be epic! I really hope that Command ends up in his on small cell in super-max so that Olivia, Jake, and Fitz have a chance to gloat (just a little).

Miranda: Oooh! This is going to be good! SO, SO good. Let's throw Rowan Pope into a hole and lose the key!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Abby: I cannot cry in the White House.
Olivia: You can cry if you want to.
Abby: Press secretaries can't cry! It's, like, a rule!

Fitz: Can we think about finding a way to spend time together now that there's...hope?
Olivia: Well, it depends.