Scandal Round Table: Failure to Launch

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Fitz, Olivia, and Jake failed to take down Rowan Pope on Scandal Season 4 Episode 8. Once again, he proved he's smarter than they ever dreamed. Or just better connected.

The TV Fanatic Round Table had much to say about Papa Pope. Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, Carla Day, Leigh Raines, and Miranda Wicker as they dish up their thoughts on "The Last Supper."

Scandal RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from "The Last Supper?"

Christine:  Olivia telling Jake never to speak about her standing in the sun with another man. I believe she loves Jake. Not in the same way she loves Fitz but having Jake in danger has brought up strong feelings for him. I also loved that Jake kept telling Fitz to refer to him as Captain Ballard. Only his friends call him Jake and they are most definitely not friends.

Jim: I really enjoyed "sexy Mellie" with Andrew after she came rushing in to make sure he was ok. But MAN, talk about sour grapes, seeing him kissing Liz at the end just made me want to slap him!

Carla: Christine and Jim mentioned two of my favorites. I also liked when Olivia shut up Jake and Fitz by saying she's the "shiny object" and that he father will come for her. It was a moment of hope that their plan would work.

Leigh: Rowan's whole speech to Olivia just killed me. Because you knew something was coming and I was almost biting my nails. When he said "you thought life was hard with me, wait until you see what it's like without me" I thought "oh snap!"

Miranda: Yeah, Leigh's favorite scene was also my favorite, if only because Rowan is just so, so evil. And Joe Morton is so good at playing bad. While I really do want to see an end to Rowan as the most evil who ever evil-ed, I'll be sad when we don't get anymore of his monologues.

Jake and Fitz fighting over Olivia: Hot or not?

Christine:  Both. I'm always surprised at how Fitz comes across as an arrogant ass when he fights for Liv because he expects Olivia to be his. Jake fights for her even though he expects her to leave him for Fitz. In the end, I hope he's wrong. 

Jim: Sorry, maybe its the guy in me, but NOT! They did everything short of whipping out their d!cks and comparing them. GAH! 

Carla: I feel for Olivia. How can she chose between those two men? They both love her so much they would do anything for her and put up with her feelings for the other guy. It's hot when it's hot and it's very much not when it's not. It ping-pongs between the two.

Leigh: Not. You're grown men. Act like it. 

Miranda: Not. Not at all. They acted like jealous boys instead of men, and fighting over Olivia completely takes away her agency. Just back off her and let her choose.

Is Andrew Nichols the man after Olivia or is he just Liz North's lover?

Christine:  Oh! That scene killed me. Mellie deserves some happiness. Andrew may be more of a player than we ever realized and perhaps that's why a bomb ended up in his car. Either way, this is going no where good.

Jim: I agree with Christine, seeing him kissing Liz made me want to barf! I don't know what he has planned, but I suspect it ends with him being president. 

Carla: I was crushed in that moment for Mellie. I thought she may have found some happiness that she's so desperately wanted, needed and deserves. Either way Andrew is not the man Mellie believes him to be or that we the viewers thought he was. No idea the extent of his betrayal, but it will be a bombshell no matter how it ends up.

Leigh: I think Andrew is part of a plan with the RNC to take down Fitz. They know Olivia is close to him so they are following her. They are also following Cyrus and used Michael to get to him. They are taking down the whole Fitz army. 

Miranda: I really kind of love the idea of Andrew Nichols being this giant monster and Fitz and Co. just walked him into the White House completely unaware.

What's Cyrus' next move now that he knows Michael didn't spill his secrets?

Christine:  Ugh. Cyrus looked so broken. Even if Michael didn't turn over all he knew to Liz, I don't see how Cyrus ever trusts him. What to do with Michael is a conundrum. He may be too dangerous to cut loose and too dangerous to let go.

Jim: Hmmmmm does Cyrus have a basement? Chained up sex slave would probably take care of the problem right? Well, maybe not.  

Carla: Cyrus' dominance over Michael was scary. There's a dangerous rage within Cyrus right now after losing his husband and then being played by Liz and Michael. Though, if anyone could move on with Michael after all this, it's Cyrus. He lives in a convoluted world and Michael could be his equal in that way.

Leigh: I'm not sure. He is so broken from losing James that it puts him in a vulnerable place. I think Michael does care for him though and might be kept around. 

Miranda: While I don't exactly like Michael, I do like that he made Cyrus happy. I also don't think Cyrus ever trusts him, but I really don't think Cyrus trusts anyone. Not deep down. But I'm guessing he'll keep paying the rent on Michael's apartment.

How did Rowan know what they were planning?

Christine:  Because he's Rowan! The man didn't become Command for no reason. His ability to know all and manipulate everything is beyond scary.

Jim: Uh.... He's Command! Hello? he couldn't be Command and live as long as he has without knowing what his enemies are doing. I'm just curious when he will turn back up.

Carla:  He's Rowan and he's Command. He has more people under his control than even the President. Secrets and blackmail will do that. It's disappointing how that played out, but I wouldn't count Olivia out. She's going to be more determined than ever to take him down with the lives of all those innocent men on her conscious.

Leigh: Two simple words: "It's Rowan."

Miranda: The running theory is that Jake is a rat. I'm really hoping that's not true. I'd love a whacky reveal that Rowan is clairvoyant or has the White House phones tapped, but that's unlikely. Ugh. I hate that he knows so much.

Who gets the kill shot? We'll find out on Thursday at 9 p.m. Here's your first look at Scandal Season 4 Episode 9.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Fitz: Look, Jake...
Jake: Captain Ballard. Jake is what my friends call me. You're not my friend, Mr. President. Friends don't put you in prison for crimes you didn't commit. They don't refuse to hear you when you're telling them the truth. They don't hit you when you can't hit back. So when you refer to me from this point forward it will be as Captain Ballard, is that understood?

So now I'm innocent is what you're telling me? Good. Pleased to hear that. Should we each take turns hugging or how does this work exactly?