Scandal Season 4 Episode 8 Preview: Prepare For the Takedown!

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Can Jake and Fitz put aside their desire for Olivia in order to work together for the greater good of ridding themselves of her father once and for all? 

That's the question we'll be asking on Scandal Season 4 Episode 8. Sorry, love triangle haters, but it looks like that story's coming front and center next Thursday night as the trio plan a way to take down Rowan Pope.

Take a look at this Scandal promo for next week's installment now:

Elsewhere in the episode, Quinn is tracking Kubiak to find out why he's been photographing Olivia. Will we learn what's coming? Maybe. 

Huck will also continue to grapple with his desire to reunite with his family after Javi's appearance in the OPA office at the end of Scandal Season 4 Episode 7.

Last, but certainly not least, Cyrus comes up with a plan to handle Lizzie after learning she set both him and Mellie up! Whatever it is he's cooking up, it won't disappoint! 

Take a look at photos from Scandal's "The Last Supper" now!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Fitz: Look, Jake...
Jake: Captain Ballard. Jake is what my friends call me. You're not my friend, Mr. President. Friends don't put you in prison for crimes you didn't commit. They don't refuse to hear you when you're telling them the truth. They don't hit you when you can't hit back. So when you refer to me from this point forward it will be as Captain Ballard, is that understood?

So now I'm innocent is what you're telling me? Good. Pleased to hear that. Should we each take turns hugging or how does this work exactly?