Scorpion Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Risky Business

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Walter behind the wheel of a Lamborghini is all sorts of terrifying. 

In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 8, the team is called to investigate the murder of a music blogger. Well, it looks like it is going to be a murder investigation, and then an algorithm takes center stage. It's a little weird at first but, then again, Team Scorpion is not qualified to handle a murder investigation. Sylvester isn't even qualified to be in the same room as a dead body.

The writers could have introduced the case a little differently. It could have been made clear before they set foot in the house that the reason they are there is to assist LAPD with the half-wiped-off algorithm. Alternatively, the writers could have made it more clear that catching the person who stole the algorithm means that they caught the killer.

Anyways, enough boring case talk. There are so many exciting things to discuss. Let's go with Ralph first. It is great to see him appear throughout the episode. He isn't just there at the beginning or end like he normally is.

Music Blogger - Scorpion

To make things better, Drew is in this episode. This shows that Drew is serious about Ralph, and it allows the writers a new way to explore Ralph connecting with people. Paige has learned a thing or two by raising Ralph, but Drew and Ralph are new at developing their relationship. Both of them are trying to connect. It's not one sided.

It is also great to see everyone in the garage helping out with the baseball experiment. There needs to be more team moments like this involving Ralph. It would have been better to see Ralph engage with someone who isn't Walter, but this will do for now.

It would be really fun to watch more of Sylvester and Ralph playing chess, or Happy teaching Ralph something, or whatever Toby and Ralph would do. What would Toby and Ralph bond over?

Walter has a jealous tizzy, but thankfully, it isn't obvious. He just races Lamborghinis like a normal person. The writers played this one smartly. Walter isn't the easiest character to like, so if he is clearly pouting and stomping his feet at Drew's presence, it would have gotten old within a matter of seconds.

Instead, all the writers have is Toby making his comments on Walter's behavior. This is amusing. It incorporates another character, and it showcases some of Toby and Walter's friendship. Toby isn't just analyzing Walter. He is giving Walter tips on how to handle it.

Alright, let's take a vote. Do you think Walter won his second race?

And now for the most important discussion of all - Toby and Happy. Okay, maybe it's not the most important, but come on, Toby and Happy are adorable. Toby broke my heart in this episode. I have a lot of Toby and Happy feelings, okay?

She just referenced me in the same sentence as boyfriend.


Peyton and Happy do have good chemistry, and them dating would be a way for the writers to potentially bring back Peyton again. However, Toby and Happy are impossible to beat. Who do you think Happy should be dating?

It is great that Paige learns about Toby's feelings for Happy. There's only one scene where Paige attempts to give Toby advice, but now that Happy is going on a date with Peyton, maybe Paige will be able to talk to Toby more.

It would be nice to see Paige start to have more personal conversations with the team. This would show that they are becoming friends. There is already this establish dynamic and friendship in Team Scorpion. Paige and the viewers are the outsiders trying to make their way into the group.

Paige giving Toby dating advice could be fantastic. Plus, she is the one who is the best equipped to give him the advice. It would be pretty funny to see either Sylvester or Walter give Toby tips, and then Paige come in and say no, those are all horrible ideas.

What did you think of the episode? Remember you can catch up or re-watch any time simply by watching Scorpion online via TV Fanatic!

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Risky Business Review

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