Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Rogue Element

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It's a Cabe-centric episode, and it's awesome.

In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9, Cabe's ex-wife Rebecca contacted Cabe for help. Gumbo is a weird code name to have, and it just made me really hungry. See, now I'm thinking about King Cake.

Anyway, Rebecca is a great addition to Scorpion. She does not have any annoying drama with Cabe. The writers could have easily made Cabe and Rebecca fight at every turn. It would have been the wrong choice, although Toby trying to do some counseling could have been entertaining.

Instead, light is shed on Cabe and Rebecca's relationship and their daughter Amanda. The writers don't overpower the heart-tugging scenes, but it's not glossed over either. It's easy to see why Cabe and Rebecca worked so well together, and it is heartbreaking to hear Rebecca say that Cabe is the love of her life, but it does not really change anything. 

Walter and Cabe's relationship is also highlighted. The father/son dynamic had been brought up before, but it is a lot different when paired with Rebecca and Amanda. It is a new way to focus on the same dynamic but to show it in a different light.

For what it's worth, when I was young, you were like a father to me. Sometimes you still are.


Also, can we take a moment to realize that Walter did not act like a jerk in this episode? It's shocking! This is the most likeable that Walter has ever been. There isn't even a moment where you want to slap him, and there are usually at least two per episode.

Hopefully this is a new trend for Walter and not a one-time thing. He still manages to utilize his genius, but he doesn't show off about it, nor does he provoke people. It is totally like him to smash Rebecca's phone without warning, but in the past when he has made moves like that (cutting that priceless painting, for instance), Walter has been a complete jerk about it.

It's a political case this week. The writers do a good job of mixing up the types of cases that the team gets. It is always interesting to see how a case falls into their laps. What's most exciting about the case, of course, is Cabe's personal connection. However, it is still nice to see the team tackle something different.

There was a missed opportunity with the team being forced to work out of Cabe's old house. There could have been a moment or two of the team adjusting to different working conditions or even snooping around. Even though they don't know it is Cabe's place, it wouldn't be surprising to see Toby profiling the people who lived there or Sylvester dealing with all the dust.

A personal highlight of the case is Happy impersonating Cabe. It is still really surprising that Cabe gave her his badge. Happy got to show off a good bit of her genius in this episode. What's even more entertaining is Toby's commentary on Happy's undercover work. They are quite a pair.

Surge protectors? Who steals surge protectors?


Sylvester is now the team member that needs some work. He hasn't really had a chance to break out. A good scene where the team relies on him to figure something out or get something done would help. 

Drew's appearance is curious. It is hard to think what to make of him. Yes, he is being a good father by trying to reach out to his son and make things interesting for him. He's also talking about taking Paige and Ralph with him if he gets the gig in Portland. Why does he think they would up and leave?

What did you think of "Rogue Element"? Did you enjoy the case? You can watch Scorpion online via TV Fanatic to re-watch some of your favorite scenes or get caught up on episodes that you missed.

Rogue Element Review

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