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Despite Eliza channeling her inner courageous kitty this evening, the review for Selfie Season 1 Episode 7 will also be a eulogy for a show that didn't cut it in the ratings rat race, although it is unclear how many more episodes will be aired.

If you had not heard, or if you had, I want to give my condolences. The show was slowly getting stronger, and the plot was thickening, but that was not a saving grace. I wish we could have at least been granted the rest of the season, but alas, that is not the case. 

Out of the Picture - Selfie

As was foreshadowed, Henry developed a relationship with the woman exactly like him, and Eliza was jealous. I think it can be debated whether Eliza was jealous from a friends perspective, or from a romantic perspective. 

Henry is the only real life friend that Eliza had, and she didn't want to lose him to a his new girlfriend. The losing of friends to a significant other is a real life struggle. It is also fair to say that Eliza did not realize what she wanted, until she realized that Henry had found something he wanted, something that was not her. 

Although, why would Henry actually tell Eliza that they should spend less time together? Neither of them has admitted anything about how they feel, so is it wrong that they spend time together? Don't make it awkward, just let it happen naturally, and discuss the bridge when you get to it. 

Through the diligent baking of a prostate cake, and a conversation between Henry and Julia,  Eliza and Henry repair their fragmented friendship.

I was hoping for a more scandalous ending than the one that we are now stuck with. Honestly, I was hoping that it could have ended on an ambiguous kiss between Henry and Eliza, especially after the moment they had last week on the company retreat. 

It was nice to see Eliza realizing that she can do things without Henry, I at least felt I had some closure with that. 

As this review might be the last thing I get to write about Selfie, I want to say a few words. 

Dear Selfie, I did not upvote you at first, but I grew to like you and would not have minded a full season. I am sad to see you go, but I will get over you in a social media day. 

- A. Wolf

What are your thoughts on Selfie getting canceled? What did you think of the conclusion episode? Are you sad to see this show go? 

You can say your goodbyes when you watch Selfie online via TV Fanatic! 

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