Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Meeting Mr. Mayhem

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Another member of SAMCRO succumbed to the mayhem on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9 as the body count for the final season continued to grow.

Our TV Fanatics Amanda Wolf, Leigh Ranes, and Christine Orlando are joined by Shauna from to discuss Bobby's fate, their favorite couple and whether or not Jax Teller is a decent man after "What a Piece of Work Is Man"

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Is Jax a decent man?

Shauna:  I do think Jax is still a decent man. Deep down in his heart, there is still a wholesome man who is loyal and who loves deeply. He is just a product of his upbringing and environment. He did everything he thought was right to move his family and the club in the "right" direction, but the outside forces, as a result of his environment, always kept those things just out of his reach.

Amanda: Over all 7 season of the show, I kind of look at it like a score card. The one tally for the yes side is that he is protecting the pastor's family from August Marks. Most of his other actions either fall on the no side, or somewhere in the middle. Over the course of the show, more and more of his actions have been leaning toward the no side. At the same time, is this all just what happens when you become president of the Sons of Anarchy. If we go with what Jury said about John Teller committing suicide, it seems like it is inevitable that the club either changes you or you leave. 

Leigh: I think Jax has it in him to be a decent man. He may not always have the best motive, but he does look out for people. But then he also neglects his kids. It's hard this season because he is completely consumed by revenge. It's hard for him to be decent when he's out for blood.

Christine:  I'm with Leigh on this one. I think there's a decent man inside Jax Teller, but he doesn't always choose to listen to him. The violence and twisted morals he's been surrounded by his entire life have had their influence and make it seem OK to do horrible, brutal things.

Did you think August was going to give Bobby back to the club?

Shauna:  I did think Bobby was going to be the one to die when Sutter said we'd lose a main cast member around this time; especially when the Entertainment Weekly pics came out and he wasn't in them. However, I did not think it would happen like this.  I didn't really think he would give him back until he almost did, and then BAM!

Amanda: I thought that August was going to give Bobby back, I just was not sure in what form. Dead, alive, how many pieces, these were all mysteries. That scene shocked me, saddened me, but I loved it all at the same time. I think the show really needed a death to raise the stakes even more. Again, another character that deserved less than some of the others kicked the bucket. Brilliant! 

Leigh: It was 50/50. Ultimately they have to kill people off because this is the "final ride."  I didn't see that coming with the gun down his back, but I said there HAD to be a reason they broke his jaw. It was a well done scene. Sad, but well done. I also think necessary.

Christine:  Part of me hoped that Bobby would come back and Gemma would have to look at what her lie had done to him but in the end, I thought Bobby was going to die and that scene still surprised me. Having the gun on Bobby and breaking his jaw so he couldn't tell anyone was brilliant. 

Who is your favorite couple so far this season?

Shauna:  My favorite couple so far, isn't really a "couple", but I love Wendy and Nero's connection. They share a bond as ex-junkies, and that conversation they had in episode 2 (I believe) was really powerful. It's like a brother/sister bond to me. I hope we get to see it play out a little more.

Amanda: My favorite couples is Chibs and Jarry so far. I have no optimistic thoughts for their future, but I like seeing them on this wild ride of a romance. "If you have feelings for me take me right now." Wonderful! 

Leigh: I second that! Chibs and Jarry! Go Chibs, finally gettin some. Quinn's face when they were doing it on top of the car was hilarious. 

Christine:  I'm with Shauna. I love the non-couple couple of Nero and Wendy and I hope to see more of them together. What does it say when the two ex-junkies are the sanest people in all of Charming.

Which was more impressive? Hiding the gun on Bobby and breaking his  jaw so he couldn't tell anyone or cutting the head and arms off the  Pastor and sewing them onto another body? 

Shauna:  The more impressive move to me, was definitely the cutting off the head and sewing it to a different body! That was very clever. I did find it odd that no one helped Bobby get him up off the ground or anything before all of that happened though.

Amanda: In terms of resiliency, I think cutting off the arms of the pastor and sewing them on another body was more impressive. August planting that gun on Bobby was brilliant. They didn't just break his jaw, they did it with purpose. Really cruel to plant the gun on the body of the man you are going kill. 

Leigh: The pastor. That was some convoluted stuff that took me a few minutes to put together. Jax is clever. He always has insurance. I also didn't see the Bobby scene coming, but I'll go with the pastor. 

Can Abel be saved, and if so by whom?

Shauna:  Nero is the only one who can save Abel at this point. Perhaps if Wendy joins them at the ranch, she can also help. But in my opinion, Nero is the only truly stable, responsible person in his life at this point.

Amanda: Sure he can be saved, he just needs to get the hell out of Charming. He won't be saved by Jax, my bet is by Wendy, or by child protective services.

Leigh: When is he going to spill that he knows Gemma killed Tara? Now he probably thinks she killed Bobby. I want to trust Wendy, but she came so close to licking that powder...I have no idea who is going to save him.

Christine:  I keep waiting for Wendy to woman up and realize that this is her son too and she has to do something to save him. I think the only hope is if Nero and Wendy work together. Perhaps if they get Abel and Thomas out of Charming and away from SAMCRO they can be normal little boys.

What, if anything, disappointed you in this episode?

Shauna:  I was disappointed that the guys are seeming to underestimate Marks' right hand guy. That guy seems to be a real soldier and clearly, by seeing the previews for next week, he isn't going anywhere. But they should have had him taken care of at the same time as Marks.

Amanda: Nothing disappointed me about this episode! 

Leigh: Can't think of anything right now. Probably just home much I hate Gemma because she set all of this into motion. I'm disappointed in her, not the show. 

Christine:  Once again, I agree with Shauna. Letting Moses Cartwright roam free was a huge miscalculation and it's going to come back to bite SAMCRO in a big way. 

What was your favorite scene?

Shauna:  For my favorite scene, I'm not going to go with the obvious (Chibs/Althea romp on the cop car in front of Quinn) and say that I loved the fight between Gemma and Althea! Two strong females, butting heads and getting nasty, both verbally and physically. Their exchange of words (and hands) was exciting and clever! Loved it!

Amanda: Gemma's face when she found out what Bobby died for. I hate her!!!!!

Leigh: Ummm Gemma versus Jarry bitchfight in the office. AMAZING. Jarry tumbled right over that chair. Loved Nero rolling his eyes. Second choice was Gemma telling Rat that good old ladies are a dime a dozen and not to be a dick.

Christine:  A combination of Nero rolling his eyes at Gemma and Jarry, very funny, and then Bobby being killed because even though I saw it coming they still managed to surprise me. 

If you missed any of the mayhem, you'll want to watch Sons of Anarchy online here at TV Fanatic. 

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