The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7 Review: A Goldberg Thanksgiving

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I need to make a confession: I am a holiday episode junkie! I am addicted to holiday-centric episodes of any show. 

On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7 we were treated to Thanksgiving goodness! While Modern Family usually takes the comedic crown during the holidays, The Goldbergs is hot on their trail.

Beverly and Thanksgiving go together like turkey and pumpkin pie; it just works perfectly! The traditions that Beverly wants to continue are completely understandable and Erica was being a bit of a brat when it came to Beverly wanting her help. You would think that Erica would be used to her mother wanting her to be with the family – especially during Thanksgiving.

Beverly and Erica competing with each other is always a welcome surprise! They are both so competitive and perfectionists – yet they do not see how alike they are, so it was no surprise that Beverly could not take defeat. I'm pretty sure we all knew she was faking her injuries. 

Marvin just makes me love Murray even more! I don't know how Murray was able to put up with his brother for all these years. Marvin is just not an easy character to warm up to; he is too much of a child for my liking. 

Barry's impassioned speech about Thanksgiving proves exactly what Barry cares most about – food. He is all about getting to that lovely food coma; even going so far as to attempting to cook dinner himself and failing miserably. At least he knows that he sucks!

While The Goldbergs is usually more Beverly-centric, tonight actually focused more on Murray and his desire to have a better relationship with Adam. Murray may think his kids are morons, but he does try to understand them and build a relationship with each of his kids. Murray's video game skills may need to improve, but Adam is there to help him along the way.

My biggest complaint is Pop's being the constant voice of reason. He's been established as the level headed one in the family and he is filled with sage advice, but it's time to let the others have a turn. That said, the speech that he gave at the dinner did make me tear up. 

The Goldbergs definitely wins the night when it comes to holiday episodes! It's filled with family drama, comedy and tender moments between the characters; everything that you would want. This holiday junkie has her fix!

What did you think of The Goldbergs? Do you look forward to the holiday-themed installments? 

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A Goldberg Thanksgiving Review

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