The Originals Round Table: What's Behind the Red Door?

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Esther furthered her plan to win her children over to her side this week on The Originals, starting with the noble Elijah.

What did he see during his mother's vision quest? How did Klaus best Mikael? We're talking about all that and more this week during The Originals Round Table! Join Heather Vee from, Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker in the discussion by adding your answers to this week's questions in the comments!

The Originals RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 2 Episode 5?

Heather: Cami laying into Mikael about his family's violence was ballsy and absolutely pitch-perfect. Putting those two characters together in that situation was genius, and could I possibly be more in love with Cami O'Connell? No, I could not.

Leigh: Well it WAS the Hayley/Elijah scene until I realized it was a dream. Sooo...well, whatever it was still awesome! Second choice, I enjoyed everyone teaming up against Mikael because GDamn I want to slay him. 

Miranda: Because I'm pulling hard for them right now, Klaus checking on Cami after Mikael ran off was my favorite. His simple vow to kill Mikael for harming her was charming.

How do you feel about the rewrite of Klaus and Elijah's history with Tatia? Is this the REAL history or is it the story Esther is telling Elijah?

Heather: I'm reserving judgment for now as I think we haven't reached the "payoff" yet. On one hand, I'm always wary of mythology/history retcons, but I won't lie: that particular revelation, if ultimately true, could add an entirely new dimension to Elijah as a character, and this show is about character above all else. During the flashbacks, all I could see in my head was Elijah sitting next to Katherine on that bench, before the reveal that she was intended to be sacrificed to break Klaus's curse, and the expression on his face. 

Leigh: Honestly, it barely held my attention. Esther is a psycho. I'm sick of the flashbacks and the dopplegangers of the past. Didn't we read somewhere that we'd never have to hear about the dopples again? I want to move forward. 

Miranda: I'm so conflicted about it. I love the way it gives new insight into Elijah and why he is the way he is, but I hate that now the timeline of when they became the Original vampires feels distorted. Maybe I just need to go rewatch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 again.

Take a minute and react to the Klaus/Koleb goodness we were given this week:

Heather: The friction between those two seemed particularly satisfying in this episode, and Morgan and Sharman have fantastic chemistry. Kol has never been a favorite, but Sharman (and the writers) have breathed so much dimension into that character in such a short span of time that I'm actually really excited about having Kol in the mix. And the same can be said for Yusuf Gatewood as Finn, by the way. The show hit the casting jackpot this season.

Leigh: Agree with Heather on the phenomenal casting job this season. I also happened to have enjoyed Sharman on Teen Wolf so I'm into seeing him on The Originals! He fights with Klaus in a more fiery, enjoyable to watch way than Klaus does with Finn. Kol likes to mess around. Plus I do see chemistry with Davina. 

Miranda:  I actually think I love Sharman as Kol better than Nathaniel Buzolic! Even if Finncent is still my least favorite Original, I have to agree with you two that the casting this season is fantastic. I'm loving Klaus and Koleb! Their brotherly headbutting is funny and feels natural. Plus Koleb and Davina are just too cute together.

Cami as the Mikaelson family therapist: an episode you'd love to see, or please give her something else to do?

Heather: Hrm, I think this is slightly unfair as she has been given lots to do other than analyze the dysfunctional Mikaelson clan. It just so happens that her summation of their varied neuroses is so painfully spot-on and electric. Cami's the Caroline Forbes of The Originals - you can put Leah Pipes in any scene and she has chemistry with everyone. She's the secret weapon. 

Leigh: Leah Pipes is fantastic and her laying into Mikael was so needed. If she can work this family, I say we just skip through the rest of school and let her graduate with honors. 

Miranda: I love it but I understand where some fans might not. Some may see her coming across as preachy, but I think she's a voice of reason. I'd love to see her get them all together for some couch time. 

Why isn't Mikael healing from Papa Tunde's blade?

Heather: I don't know, but I can't wait to find out! 

Leigh: Because the writer's know he's GOT TO GO. 

Miranda: I'm guessing it has something to do with the circumstances of Davina bringing him back! 

On a scale of 1 to YOU'RE KILLING ME, WRITERS, rate that scene with Hayley and Elijah.

Heather: That was a solid 8, without question. It's so interesting to see the hidden desires of a character known for his control. 

Leigh: 9 and a YOU'RE KILLING ME, WRITERS but dayum that was some tease. It was so hot. Only would've been better if clothes started coming out. Can't wait until this actually comes to fruition. Woo! 

Miranda: Completely killing me. KILL.ING.ME. Heather's right that it was amazing to see Elijah's inner desires since he so rarely speaks them. I definitely can't wait until that happens when it's not a dream.

What's next for Elijah? Take a look at this promo for The Originals Season 2 Episode 6, and remember to watch The Originals online right here!

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Kol: Oh, hello darling. Back to huff and puff and blow the house down?
Klaus: You know, it's funny how often a person's sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat.

[to Esther] You do know you're entirely demented, don't you?