The Originals Round Table: Will Davina Dagger Klaus?

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Another week, another edition of The Originals Round Table! This week we're breaking down the events from "Chasing the Devil's Tail," and wow, is there ever a lot to discuss. 

Klaus killed his father. Marcel and Hayley captured Finncent and Koleb. And Elijah is awake! 

Join TV Fanatic staffers Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, and Matt Richenthal, along with Heather Vee of, and then be sure to sound off in the comments below! 

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What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 2 Episode 7 ?

Leigh: The scenes with Klaus and his father were really powerful. He wanted to trust him so badly, but he knew it was Esther playing him and he didn't let it happen. After 1,000 years with Mikael, he is rightfully paranoid.

Heather: As if killing his father wasn't gut-wrenching enough, Klaus then leaves his body for Esther to find, which - wow. Klaus Mikaelson certainly knows how to make a statement. 

Miranda: There was something very perfect to me about Elijah waking up and immediately putting on a suit. Lesther took her time to explain to him that he tries to hide his internal monster behind the image he presents to the world and it's telling that that was the first thing he thought to do upon waking.

Matt: I've enjoyed the use of Cami over the past couple weeks. It would be easy to write her as a damsel always in distress, considering her humanity and all. But she's taken charge of this FinnCent situation and she was the only to stick the magical handcuffs on her fake faculty advisor.

Yusuf Gatewood is a series regular! React!

Leigh: I'd be more excited if you said Daniel Sharman, but at least this version of Finn is 800 times more interesting than the original!

Heather: Ecstatic! I love the energy he brings to what was originally a rather shallow character, and the presence he brings to the show in general. I love watching him when he is onscreen. He's made Finn Mikaelson into a force.

Miranda: I wasn't sold on him until speaking with him on set this week, but now I'm all in on Finncent and seeing what he brings to the table. I love that he's being given the opportunity to create this character and Yusuf Gatewood seems just the man to do it.

Matt: He's tremendous. The writers knew they made a mistake with their Cassie casting (hence the body switch), but they absolutely nailed it with Gatewood. He could give Max Greenfield a run for his awesome enunciation money.

What's your dream story for Finncent?

Leigh: Mainly that he comes into his own and stops being so up Esther's ass.

Heather: I, too, would love to have Finn discover what life has to offer once he's not being used by Esther. As annoying as Finn's obedience to his mother is, I do think it makes for a fascinating story and character, particularly as he comes into his own as a person. Let's remember that he was coffined for the majority of his vampire life and had a total death wish in The Vampire Diaries season 3. It's time for Finn to learn what life really has to offer. 

Miranda: I'd like to see him find some middle ground between hating himself as a vampire (which, hello, he isn't anymore) and wanting to destroy them all and really coming into these new witchy powers he possesses. I'd actually like to see him team up with Davina, maybe to mentor her somehow.


Did Klaus have to kill Ansel?

Leigh: As a human being, I'd say no. As Klaus I'd say yes. Klaus really cannot trust anyone and he knew Hope was alive. If that was out of the equation I'd say let him live.

Heather: I agree with Leigh - this wasn't Klaus fueled by his temper, but making an inevitable and rather heartbreaking decision. He was making a necessary sacrifice to protect his child - what a selfless father would do.  

Miranda: I'll be a dissenting voice and say no, he didn't have to kill Ansel. I think part of Klaus' problem has always been his inability to trust and it would have been nice to see him make the calculated decision to trust Ansel. Deep down in his werewolf heart, Klaus knew that Ansel was telling the truth about the pull of family. So now I hope we see him wrestle with that decision a bit.

Matt: No. Ansel could have been an interesting character for a longer period of time. But Klaus' patricide provided the episode with a truly shocking moment, while also clearing the familial deck a bit. With Finn and Kol back... and Mikael out there... and Esther taking her crazy pills, we needed to cut down on the number of relatives floating around.

Now that Klaus has Kol, will Davina carry out his plan to dagger Klaus?

Leigh: Well, the white oak stake is gone, so I would imagine she is going to want to dagger more than just Klaus now.

Heather: Can we just skip to the heavy Davina and Kol make-outs? Because damn. 

Miranda: I'm Team Heather on this one. Let's get to the part where Davina and Koleb kiss and make up after mind-whammying each other as witchy foreplay.

Matt: Davina is like 12 years old! You gals are gross. As for the question... I see her trying to carry out the plan, yes. But failing to succeed.

Why does Lesther want/need Cami?

Leigh: Esther knows how powerful love is to her boys, especially as a motivator. Cami has captured Klaus and Finn's attention.

Heather: I have to agree with Leigh. Esther seems to be a big fan of manipulating/eliminating anyone or anything that distracts her children's attentions from her. So, this can't be a good turn of events.

Miranda: Oh yes, I'm totally sensing a little Tatia 2.0 here. 

Matt: Either as currency to lure in Klaus or to make her a stiff drink. Then again, not sure why it can't be both.

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