The Originals Sneak Peek: Let Me In...

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Come on, Elijah. Let your brother in...

Via the following clip from The Originals Season 2 Episode 7, we see Klaus desperately trying to get through to his brother, who remains in an Esther-inducted comatose state.

What is going through his head? What will he be like when he wakes up? Heck, will he wake up?!?

Check out the emotional clip now:

Elsewhere on "Chasing the Devil's Tale," Klaus will take off to the bayou in order to find a cure for what ails his sibling, only to soon realize he isn't alone out there.

Thanks to intel gleaned by Aiden, meanwhile, Hayley will team with Marcel, Cami and Josh take out Vincent once and for all.

As for Kaleb? He’ll be so impressed and intrigued by Davina’s dedication to finding an unlinking spell that he’ll let his love interest on a few secrets, even bringing her to a place that has special meaning to him.

Where might that be? Check out the following episodic images and see if you can tell:

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