The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 3 Review: The Apollo Confession

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 3, the girls react to the Apollo Confession. Some of them believe him and some of them don't.

We'll also say hello as Claudia Jordan is formally introduced. Get ready for Kenya 2.0! 

Kenya has decided to garden and she wants to plant trees she can swing from. In her yard. In Atlanta. Minus 5. She's crazy. i haven't missed her.

She tells her aunt she and Cynthia are BFFs because Cynthia is a "pure spirit." 

Kandi and Porsha meet for drinks and wait for Phaedra. Porsha says Cynthia started out as Little Nene and now she's Baby Kenya. BINGO! Plus 3

Kenya's aunt wants her to forgive Porsha, and Kenya says those who have hurt her have to show her they WANT her forgiveness. Auntie says that's not how forgiveness works. Smart! I like her! Plus 5. Kenya says she won't be a doormat and her aunt tells her that's not what she's telling her to do. She's just telling her this isn't a healthy way to be.

Phaedra shows up for drinks and Kandi says Apollo showed up to Cynthia's party and apologized to Kenya for lying about her wanting to get with him. Phaedra doesn't know what to think, but knows that if Apollo was lying, she owes Kenya an apology. Plus 10. Keep it classy, Phaedra.

While cooking dinner, Cynthia and Peter discuss "the Apollo confession" and both agree that they need to apologize to Kenya. The more she talks about Porsha, the more worked up Cynthia gets. She moved out of the "penthouse suite of Nene's ass" and Porsha moved in. Plus 8 for hilarity.

Kandi wants to have a baby but Todd needs timelines and calendars. Since he's not around much with traveling, he doesn't want to leave her in the lurch. She thinks he's making excuses and that if he wants a baby, he'll make it work. No pressure. 

Claudia just moved to Atlanta and she needs furniture. She's big in old folks homes and prisons thanks to her stint on The Price is Right. Minus 10.

She also lost a tooth once during sex. Because that's not awkward at all. 

Porsha's doorbell doesn't work but she's driving a Rolls Royce. WORK IT. She fills Nene in on the happenings in Atlanta while she was working in Vegas. Nene doesn't buy the Apollo Confession at all. 

I love Nene. Minus 20 to Porsha for the incessant hair flipping. Knock it off with that. 

Nene's upset that Cynthia made people think she was a bad friend. Didn't they have, like, a friendship bracelet or contract or something? 

Phaedra's trying to keep up a happy front for her boys in the midst of all that's going on between her and Apollo. Ugh. That has to be so tough.

Apollo visits his attorney and says he thinks he needs a divorce since he's going to prison. He doesn't want to let Phaedra file while he's locked up because she'll have the upper hand. He and his attorney agree to go through their assets and come up with a plan. 

Apollo loves Phaedra but despises everything about her. So that's healthy. 

One of Kandi and Todd's concerns is getting their daughters, Kaela and Riley, to get along. Kaela is less than excited about the prospect of having a stepsister. 

Kaela's 18 and moving in with Todd and Kandi. She wants to start her own clothing line. Riley and Kaela have no words to say to each other so this is pretty awkward. 

Apparently Kaela's not going to college and Riley sort of called her on it. Great start to their relationship. Minus 6

Cynthia and Porsha make plans to meet for lunch but Porsha's an hour late. Porsha didn't apologize for being late and Cynthia tells her that's what she needs to do. So Porsha doesn't. 

Cynthia's not even sort of paying attention to Porsha as Porsha talks. Then they both start talking at the same time and nothing good ever happens when that happens. Nothing good except great drama, that is. 

There's less than zero chance these two make up this season. We'll have to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to see if I'm right.


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