Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10 Review: What I Did For Love

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Love was in the air on Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10 but so was heartbreak and in the end most everyone ended up a little more damaged. 

Kara and Leo were at the top of that list and at times it was hard to figure out if their shared ditch day was healing or would simply hurt them more.

I've never thought of Kara and Leo as a couple, and I still don't, despite the car sex. I think that was more about making the pain go away and I hope they can continue to work on their budding friendship in the aftermath.

But no one can say these two don't have some great banter, as in this Red Band Society quote...

Kara: I will take your transformer leg and hit you over your patchy skull. Now kick the damn ball.
Leo: Have you ever thought of being a motivational speaker? It could be your calling.

More than anyone, these two seem to accept one another for who they are and call each other out on their crap. 

Emma's trip home was devastating. Her mother's logic was twisted. She didn't want Emma to know her grandmother was anorexic because she felt it would give Emma permission to be damaged. News flash! Emma is already damaged. Maybe if she can make some sense of why she can figure out how to fix it. 

My feelings about Jordi swung from one end of the pendulum to the other. I cheered when he kicked Delaney's drug seeking friend to the curb and I understood how desperate he must be to get the money to file those papers. Who would want to go through another round of chemotherapy if they didn't think they had to?

But why didn't he rally the Red Band Society to help? I'm sure his friends could have helped him come up with the money without resorting to stealing and then dealing drugs.

Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday were kind of cute. I loved how quickly he jumped at the chance to have dinner with her and he looked completely crushed when she rescinded the invitation. I give him major points for taking the chance and kissing her in the end. 

Dr. McAndrew was my least favorite character of the week. First, as Jordi is a minor and the surgery he's recommending is risky, he should have insisted on the boy getting a second opinion. Instead he got Jordi's hopes up and was so arrogant about his power to remove that tumor that he practically encouraged Jordi to forgo having another doctor review the case.

Then there was his behavior towards Brittany. First he slept with a colleague and dumped her the next morning. Then he goes off on her when for being upset about it and practically threatens her job. I predict a well-deserved law suit headed his way. 

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What I Did For Love Review

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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Smart and pretty. Bring those babies up to a C cup and you could be a triple threat.


Kara: You think I'm wrong?
Leo: I think no one's interested in listening to your crap today.