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It was Jax Teller's final ride as he planned his fate, settled old scores and drove away from his SAMCRO brothers on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13. Forever.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Amanda Wolf, Carla Day, and Christine Orlando debate Jax's final choice, who they thought might not survive and how they'd grade "Papa's Goods" as a series finale.

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Jax Teller went out like his dad. What did you think of his choice?

Leigh: I think it was really the only choice he could've made. A lot of people predicted it. He wouldn't put the burden on his club of having to kill him, they were his best friends. He wasn't going to go to jail. He didn't think he deserved running away with Wendy and the kids. It made sense. 

Amanda: I agree, it was the only reasonable choice that he could have made. He could not be in SAMCRO anymore, he did not want his guys to have to hide him or go to war for him and running away with the kids wasn't an option either. He did take advantage of his death sentence/choice to kill as many of the clubs enemies as possible. 

Carla: After all the Jax's had done and all the people he killed, it was the only realistic option for him and it demonstrated he understood his father and learned from his mistakes. It was devastating,  but there was no way he'd go to prison or force his brothers to kill him. 

Christine:  I expected him to die in the end. It just seemed as though he'd painted himself into a corner but I did expect someone from SAMCRO to do it. So when Jax drove off I kept wondering what was going to happen next. Dying as his father had was both tragic and poetic. 

Was there anyone who survived that you thought didn't have a chance of making it to the end?

Leigh: Nope. All the major players made it out. I'm still surprised Unser didn't make it kinda. 

Amanda: I wasn't sure that Nero was going to make it to the end, but I always saw it as an either Gemma or Nero thing. I felt like there was potential for Nero to go out the same way Unser did, being a good guy who just can't leave even thought he knows what it means. 

Carla: Not in particular, though it is a bit amazing that after all the mistakes Tig made that he wasn't killed along the way. When he became VP, it was like a fresh start for him of sorts.

Christine:  I was surprised Tig made it to the end although I kind of liked that he an Venus were the one happy couple in the end. I worried Nero wouldn't make it so I was relieved when he finally got to drive off to his farm with Wendy. 

What was your most memorable moment of the entire series?

Leigh: Series or season? Unfortunately there is nothing more memorable than watching a woman murder her daughter in law with a carving fork. It's horrible but true. This season it was Jax and Gemma in the rose garden.

Amanda: I agree with Leigh. My most memorable moment was when Gemma killed Tara with a carving fork. It was really the event that set all of the events of the last season in motion and led to all of those deaths. Before that the club was not unraveling because of personal vengeance like it was in the last season. Once the principles of the club were broken about people killing each other the whole thing went up in flames. Its crazy what a little murder can do to people. 

Carla: Tara's murder was memorable certainly,  but Opie's death would be my choice. The when and how of his death sent Jax in a new direction and was the beginning of the end in turning the club around.   

Christine:  I'm going to go all the way back to Sons of Anarchy season 2 when Gemma was raped. Rape and gang violence. Two things that could have had me changing the channel yet thanks to amazing writing and Katey Sagal's brilliant performance I was riveted. From then on I didn't miss an episode. 

Do you think Abel will eventually become a member of SAMCRO?

Leigh: I think he has a darkness in him that he has yet to understand. And when that time comes that he starts acting out and showing the personality traits that would lead him to SAMCRO, it is really up to Wendy to decide what to tell him about his past and his family. 

Amanda: I think he could have all the characteristics and personality to be a member of SAMCRO, but hopefully he won't have the knowledge of it or means to join. Someone needs to accidentally throw that ring away. 

Carla: For my own sanity, I don't think so. My greatest fear was that we would see him at the head of the table as the last image of the series. Instead I believe he will think of the ring as a memento of his father who loved his "SON" very much.

Christine:  Oh , I hope you're right Carla. When I saw Abel twirling that ring it turned my stomach to think that Gemma's twisted hopes had somehow taken root in Abel. The hope is that between Wendy and Nero, they can steer Abel away from the dark side. 

Was there anything that disappointed you or you felt was left out?

Leigh: Not really. It felt predictable, but I don't see another way it could've ended. I almost wish we could've seen a flashforward, but I think Sutter did a good job. 

Amanda: The episode was a lot slower than previous episodes, and because of that did not feel as balanced as some of the high adrenaline and emotional episodes. However, the ending did not disappoint me because I did expect it to go this way. It ended like the tragedy that it is when Jax followed in his father's footsteps. Some of the readers commented on the homeless woman. I liked that the homeless woman was almost supernatural in the mystery surrounding her. It felt very Shakesperean! 

Carla: I don't have any specific expectations for the finale. It dragged a little at the beginning,  but overall I'm happy with how the series ended.

Christine:  It was a little slow and I expected Jax to die. That said, I still enjoyed how they wrapped it up. I wasn't disappointed.  

What was your favorite scene from this final episode?

Leigh: Jax saying goodbye to Nero, Wendy, and the boys. Yes I was crying. Especially when he told Abel that Nero was Daddy's best friend and to listen to him. That whole moment was it, that was the goodbye. Also LOVED in Jax's interview with Patterson when he corrected her and said "Redwood Original." Just perfect, that moment.

Amanda: My favorite scene was Jax with the homeless woman, taking her coat and then appearing like the grim reaper to shoot August Marks. Wow! 

Carla: Overall, I enjoyed Jax's goodbyes to those important to him. Some realized it was a final goodbye, while others will come to recognize it as such after his death. There were each touching from the graveyard  to the final farewell to his father.

Christine:  Jax riding towards that truck with a look of peace on his face. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

How would you grade (A-F) the series finale?

Leigh: Like I said, I don't see another way any of this could've been done. Even down to the small details with the club finally letting in black members, Chibs knowing he had to end it with Jarry, Patterson's understanding of everything going down when she saw Barowski (spelling?) dead. It was well done, predictable or not. Gets an A from me! 

Amanda: I give it an A! Well done, and I will miss this show a lot. 

Carla: A. I was engaged, surprised at times, and enjoyed the suspense of watching Jax's final plan unfold.

Christine:  It's unanimous. Although it was a bit slow at times and there were no real surprises, I still appreciated how they wrapped up this story. Grade A. 

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Policing streets owned by outlaws is a complicated and dangerous dance. Knowing when to bend, when to push back. Getting close but not too close. You were the right person for the job. I still believe that.

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This is how you learn to be a leader, brother. Doing the shit that hurts the most.