Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Red Rose

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The number of ghosts haunting Charming increased by three on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12 as loose ends were tied up the only way SAMCRO knows how.

In a final season filled with death, these three may have carried most emotional weight. I'll try to keep things in order, starting with Juice. 

As the Chinese took their turns with Juice in the infirmary, I had to wonder if some part of Juice wished his first suicide attempt had been successful because most of his life since has been hellish. 

Juice was loyal to SAMCRO to the end, even when they sanctioned his death. He knew it was better for the club if Telly was in power and the deal with Telly meant the end would be quick…and he'd get to finish his pie. I never thought Juice would last until the second to last episode of the series. If Sons of Anarchy has been anything, it's been unpredictable. 

I don't think I'll ever look at a pair of white leather sneakers without thinking of Jax Teller or how many times those shoes have been covered in blood. I can only hope they're easy to clean and he's got a supply of new laces.

Jax had a plan but, as we've come to learn, none of his plans ever seem to work quite the way he expected. Even when he got black and brown to come to an understanding over territories, it was the Irish who threatened to blow it all apart. Then the only way to get the Irish on board was to commit murder for them. In this world, violence appears to be the only solution. 

The meeting concerning Jury's death was cryptic. Jax basically fell on his sword as he admitted he lied about Jury confessing to being a rat. And what was the one unwritten by-law he wanted changed? Jax was so calm during the entire exchange that I have to wonder if this was his version of a suicide pact. Is he setting up his own end or is there another plan in play?

Part of me was thrilled Jax asked Nero to take Wendy and the boys to his farm. Those kids need to get far away from Charming and Wendy appears to be the only one left to care for them. And any reason to get more Sons of Anarchy quotes from Wendy and Nero is a plus…

Nero: Don't piss me off now junkie girl or you'll be riding in the trunk.
Wendy: Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.

These two have a unique bond that's always entertaining to watch. 

My heart broke for Nero as he scrambled to save Gemma's life and Jax's soul. Unfortunately both were a lost cause. 

Once again we saw the mysterious homeless woman. This time at the truck stop and I can't help but wonder if we'll ever find out exactly who she is.

I'd always wondered if Unser would be the one to take Gemma out, but he simply didn't have it in him. He loves her. Chucky loves her. Nero loves her. Even Jax loves his mother but she raised him and maybe that's why he's the one person not trying to save her. There's too much of her in him for that kind of idealism. 

The one thing I didn't see coming was Jax shooting Unser. Jax would have let Unser leave but the man literally gave his life for Gemma, even when there was nothing left to save.

As Gemma and Jax spoke in the garden, I kept thinking Jax would change his mind. Maybe let his mother run, especially when she told him…

I love you Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart.


Whether that's pure is certainly up for debate but she loved Jax and Jax loved her. However, the life they've lived dictated that he kill her and apparently they loved that code more than one another. 

As for Jax coming home to have sex with Wendy, I hoped they'd never go there but it did make it seem as though Jax thought this was his last night on earth. 

Has Jax set up his own ending? What do you expect from the Sons of Anarchy series finale?

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Red Rose Review

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