The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 8 Review: I Rode a Hoverboard

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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 8, we are all reminded about the horrors of embarrassing home videos.

Beverly diving in to save Adam from the collapsed cabinet was just hilarious! None of us were surprised by her being super mom and saving her 'snuggle-monster.'

Oh Murray! You are a fool for suggesting the whole family go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner – it's so addicting! Of course the entire family would become obsessed with the food and want it every single day; Beverly's over the top reaction to her families allegiance to Chinese food came as no surprise.

It was refreshing to see Beverly fail at cooking – she should never be allowed around a wok ever again! Beverly basically forcing Dave Kim to come over and eat her cooking was such a Bev thing to do. 

I can't be the only one that wants to try this famous shrimp parmesan that Bev makes, right? 

Who else wanted to give Beverly a hug when she put herself out there? Something we always forget is being a stay at home mom is a job and if there ever was an employee of the month program for the moms, she would win every time. 

As much as the Barry and Erica dynamic is fun to watch, it was a smart move to have Erica train Adam in the art of lying. Erica is the ultimate liar so it makes complete sense that she would be there to teach her younger sibling how to properly make a believable lie – fortunately Adam had a moment of clarity and realized lying about being on a Hoverboard was just not going to stick. 

The best moment from tonight was – hands down – the final scene during the credits with Dave Kim. Most shows put unforgettable moments in their credits, but the Dave Kim moment was the perfect way to end the episode and tied things together perfectly! 

The Goldbergs hit it out of the park! The focus on Adam's friendship with Emmy was realistic – the writers did a great job of portraying platonic best friends that consider themselves family. 

Do you want to go back in time to the 80's? Well you are in luck, go watch The Goldbergs online now via TV Fanatic! 

I Rode a Hoverboard Review

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Do you know how many meals I have cooked for you people? 53,000!