The Mentalist Round Table: Curiosity Killed the Cat

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The murder of a Colonel's wife turned into a classic case of he said / she said as Patrick Jane bluffed his way to a confession in "The Silver Briefcase"

Our TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Kate and Entwife Incognito as they decide who actually picked up the knife, what they'd like to see in Jane and Lisbon's future and what was their favorite scene in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 5

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Would you like to see Jane and Lisbon quit the FBI or continue to solve crimes in their future?

Robin: A little of both. I'd like them to continue solving crimes because they're both good at it and enjoy it, but I also want them to enjoy life and get to relax occasionally. Lisbon could use some real vacation time!

Kate:  I want Jane and Lisbon to go. Apart from Lisbon being at the FBI, it has to be narrow and suffocating for Jane. He needs more. Lisbon likes being a cop but hasn’t known anything else. She needs to see that there is more. I want them to have joy and adventure, do new and amazing things together (something that is just theirs), to explore the world that IS infinite in its possibilities. This will probably not happen on a boat.

Entwife Incognito:  Very much, yes. What’s more, I think Lisbon would, with the right plan. She’s curious, interested, unthreatened. I’m really wondering if her delight in imagining it when Jane said he was house hunting with his girlfriend made her really want to talk plans with him at the end. Money or freedom didn’t seem a worry at all. 

Christine:  I think they should continue at the FBI. They're really good at it. Lisbon loves her job and she's right about Jane enjoying the mental stimulation…but that doesn't mean they can't take some amazing vacations a few times a year. 

Who would you prefer seeing Vega work with, Cho, Jane, Lisbon or Wiley?

Robin: Oh Vega. She's needy with Cho, dismissive with Wiley, and a little snarky with Jane. Maybe I'm a bit like Cho, but Vega's not really winning me over. 

Kate:  Vega and Jane offer an hilarious contrast so they are my first pick. But I also like the relationship (mentorship only imo) and dynamic Vega has with Cho. Wiley not so much as his crush makes me squirm. Sorry Wiley. I can’t say I want to see Vega and Lisbon doing much together. Chalk that up to my lack of imagination.

Entwife Incognito: I prefer Cho. She’s worked hard to get him to be her mentor and she seemed calmer this episode since he took her on. It let me enjoy her a lot more and she had great scenes with lovely, smitten Wylie. Jane, in love, sees potential love and wants it brought out into the open. Cho, not so much. Parallels, anyone?

Christine:  I really enjoy seeing Vega try to deal with Jane. She's still not sure what to make of him and that's fun to watch but she's definitely coming around. 

Any idea who really stabbed Nicole Raymond? Was it the Colonel or his girlfriend?

Robin: My money's on the Colonel. I thought the opening sequence of the episode and the premeditation of it all made it much more likely to be him than her. He would have had to be the one to turn up the thermostat, and there was no sign of the girlfriend in the opening sequence.

Kate:  I think the Colonel did it. The opening flashback points to him but more persuasive to me was that the girlfriend was more credible in her version of events: she didn’t have all the answers and didn't paint herself as a complete angel. The Colonel had an answer for everything, placed all of the blame on the girlfriend, twice saying she was a different person (or equivalent), and did protest too much. Also, he was 100% cold, controlling and unlikeable (while she just seemed a bit hapless). That last is weak support for my theory but I’m still going with him. 

Entwife Incognito:  I tend to think the Colonel, but who knows? I was pleasantly amused that it was written and played so that we will never know. What a fun and wicked little pair are Jordan Harper and Simon Baker.

Christine:  I'm going to go with the Colonel as well because I can't imagine him not planning every detail of the crime or letting his girlfriend take the lead. But the who dunnit aspect of this case was fun.

Was there anything that disappointed you about this episode?

Robin:  Can't say that there was. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Kate:  I really had no expectations going in and loved the episode. To me it was a self contained work of art: the acting, pacing, flow, writing, music were all beautiful. It had a natural and organic feel to it. I adored the classic TM elements (smart, confident Lisbon; clever, intuitive Jane; their banter) and newer things (their teamwork has never been better; their honest conversations about love and life; and, yes, Vega). No disappointment, quite the contrary. Simon Baker, man that guy can direct. Oh, and the vest, always love Jane in the vest. 

Entwife Incognito:  Nothing. I didn’t even miss a kiss, and that’s saying a lot for me. The episode was layer upon layer of relationship development for Jane and Lisbon, something I crave. Every case this season has essentially been a vehicle to develop that relationship, and this one was no exception, imo.

Christine:  My only disappointment was that I had hoped they'd come clean and finally tell their colleagues that they were in a relationship but other than that, the episode was a whole lot of fun. 

What was your favorite scene in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 5?

Robin: So hard to pick!  I'm gonna go with the final scene, as Jane and Lisbon left HQ while talking about their future. I loved that the conversation wasn't angsty, but light and good-humored while still discussing what the future holds for them. Also loved how Jane threw his arm around her shoulders as they walked outside. They're adorable. 

Kate:  Always the tough question but I’ll go with the obvious and that is the closing scene. It was so natural and beautifully played by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. I am loving Jane's and Lisbon's continuing conversation about where their relationship will take them and this bonus season 7 peak into their developing, happy (so far) post-Red John lives. Too many honorable mentions (Vega when Jane outs Wiley, curiosity killed the cat . . . ). I could go on and on but will leave it there. 

Entwife Incognito:  I'll choose the conversation about their future, coming down the staircase. Didn’t matter who passed or what they said aloud. Even the receptionist got an earful as Jane practically lay on her counter focused on Lisbon. Outing will be soon. And it all culminated in Jane's wonderful arm around her shoulder and Lisbon asking what was romantic about a bee keeper’s suit. Jane had only said, “Cute."

Christine:  My first choice was the closing scene but for the sake of not being repetitive, I'm going to say the scene where Jane points out that Wiley keeps stealing glances at Vega. That scene was cute on so many levels. Wiley's cluelessness, Vega's embarrassment, the fact that he said it in front of Cho and then Jane's smile was the icing on the cake. 

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