A to Z Season 1 Episode 10 Review: J Is for Jan Vaughan

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Happy New Year! 

The beginning of 2015 coincided with a brand new episode with our favorite couple, Andrew and Zelda. 

But, on A to Z Season 1 Episode 10, Andrew and Zelda did their own matchmaking for their friends, Stu and Stephie, with mixed results. 

A Love Connection - A to Z

It started with the McGyver-like similarities between Stu and a co-worker of Zelda's, Jennifer, played by guest star Sarah Baker. Using your mouth as a knife and a highlighter as a heal, definitely is an innovative way to solve problems--and apparently leads to good match.

Sarah Baker's character was a perfect match for Stu. She was both weird and somewhat lovable, just like Stu. And when they broke up, she just added on the weirdness with her jealousy of Stephie. As a stenographer, her best bit was 1) typing her confirmation with Zelda and 2) confirming her doubts by looking at the transcript. 

I may be a jealous, possessive, paranoid person, but that bitch is trying to steal my man.


Wallflower was not the focus of the episode, but it won points for putting together a more successful couple, even with a few hiccups along the way. When Andrew discovered Stephie was a match with a visiting Wallflower client, he set them up. I honestly was unsure what was going to come out of Stephie's date. I definitely didn't think there would be a hooker confusion.

Give us the details. Unless you're uncomfortable with me being here, in which, I'll get the details from Zelda later.


But after all the confusion the cutest thing was seeing Joseph, Stephie's date, make up for the mixed communication by buying her flowers in the amount she thought she was paid as a hooker. It was adorable. 

Stu and Stephie's relationship has always been a confusing one. It was no different as they almost begrudgingly hooked up. The two have chemistry, but there is also equal hatred for each other. For a show focused on Andrew and Zelda, I have a lot of curiosity for the of their friends. Sadly, we probably won't get a proper ending for either couples.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode, however, it got more entertaining the more we saw the new relationships progress and even end. From Stu's reaction to the breakup to the confusion of Andrew, Stephie's date and a pile of cash, there were a number of funny moments. 

Stephie: You know you guys dated for, like, a day and a half, right?
Stu: But it flew by like it was two-thirds of a day.

What did you think of "J is for Jan Vaughan"? Do you think Stu and Stephie would make a good couple? Should Andrew and Zelda stay away from the matchmaking business? 

If you need to catch up on letters A to I, make sure you watch A to Z online via TV Fanatic. 

J Is for Jan Vaughan Review

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Zelda: Your butt looks good in those pants.
Andrew: Thank you for your feedback.

What? I'm like McGyver