Forever Round Table: The Kiss?

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Welcome to the first Forever Round Table!

Forever Season 1 Episode 12 managed to have the case of the week, plus some much-needed Henry and Jo time. What more could we ask for?

Join our TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly and TV Fanatic super fan, Amy Perrin as they discuss another thrilling episode of the ABC show.

Forever RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Miranda: I loved when Jo dismissed the older ME with a simple "I'll take insanity." Not only has she grown accustomed to Henry's way of doing business, she prefers it. They really do make a great team. 

Kathleen: I'm with Miranda, that was a truly funny moment. "I'll take insanity," indeed!

Amy:  I loved the flashback scene when Henry was in Abe's bedroom looking at a photo of he and Abigail from the war, and Abe appears in the doorway. I think Abe really helped his dad come to terms with him enlisting. Especially when Abe said to Henry "Risking your life for something you believe in is a blessing...not a curse."

Paul: My favourite scene has got to be the scene in which Val thought Henry and Jo were the decorators - way to make yourself the number one suspect! It was one of the funniest scenes yet.

What did you think of this week's case?

Miranda: I love the cases of the week and procedural format shows, but Forever feels like it needs something more to sustain it. The stakes just don't feel high enough. How many people can Abraham know in New York City? How many moments in Henry's life can we flash back to? So for me, the case was interesting but nothing to write home about. I did enjoy William Baldwin's guest appearance, though! 

Kathleen: Honestly, I kept waiting for the cliche "Wall Street fight club" reveal! Thankfully, they didn't go that route, though it was pretty obvious that William Baldwin was the guilty party. It was pretty funny when Abe got it into his head that it was a good idea to bust onto that yacht!

Amy: I liked the case of the week, and it held my attention. I was rather surprised to see Henry jumping in front of two different cars to try and stop a suspect. It made me wonder if Jo was going to learn about Henry's immortality. As soon as I saw William Baldwin in the beginning of the episode, I was pretty confident that he wound wind up being the guilty one. His character, Oliver, was such a smug jerk.

Paul: I liked it. It was different compared to some of the other ones we have had this season. It kept me guessing who the killer was, especially with all the red herrings thrown our way. I’m sure everyone else was as excited as myself when Henry returned to work.

React to that Henry and Jo moment to close the episode.

Miranda: It's weird because prior to that scene I was thinking about how these two don't really sizzle on screen together the way pairs have in other shows. While it's clear that, as the central duo on the show they'll be pushed together at some point, the burn for them is very, very slow. (VERY slow.) That moment, however, was a good building block for their relationship. They'll trust each other as friends first and something more will develop over time.

Kathleen: I think Miranda pretty much nailed it with her analysis there. Henry's understandably slow to trust, and Jo has her own damage, so it looks like it's going to be a long road for the two of them.

Amy: I like how their friendship is blossoming, and now that they have both killed someone they can support one another and help each other move on. I do see chemistry between the characters, so if Jo hadn't gotten the phone call I do think that they might have kissed.

Paul: All season I’ve been wondering when they would inevitably have feelings for one another. I never expected it at the end of this episode. I was so annoyed when Jo’s phone went. Talk about ruining a scene!

How did you feel about Abe's involvement this week?

Miranda: Oh, Abe! Please don't get yourself killed. Or arrested. The interconnection between Marco's loss and Henry's feelings when Abe went off to war felt hokey to me. 

Kathleen: Abe is really enthusiastic about getting involved in Henry's work, isn't he? And not just this case, which was personal to him. I think a part of it is simply wanting to be involved in his father's life, to share something with him. It actually reminds me a great deal of Judd Hirsch's character in Numb3rs, when he occasionally got involved in the FBI cases his sons worked. Maybe Abe went too far in this instance, what with bluffing his way onto the boat and all...

Amy: I loved when Abe went to his old army buddy, and got him to help out on the case. It was so much fun to see them on the boat trying to gain access to the humidor. I laughed out loud at Abe talking about the moisture, moisture, moisture. 

Paul: It was plausible - more plausible than some of the other reasons he’s been involved in the cases before. I’d like at least a few episodes that he isn’t part of the case. The character is better reserved as Henry’s confidante about his immortality - not work.

Make a prediction for the rest of the season.

Miranda:  Henry will continue to be impeccably dressed and sufficiently scruffy. Either Jo or Lucas will learn Henry's secret, or at least that he's keeping a big one from them. Then they'll set up Season 2 (should it be ordered) with Henry trying to keep them from finding out that he can't die.

Kathleen: Adam will make a return, possibly in the season finale, to mess with Henry some more. And, like Miranda, I think someone will learn (or come incredibly close to learning) Henry's secret.

Amy: Like Kathleen, I also think Adam is going to come back before the end of the season. I think this face off Henry will be the victor. I also think that Jo will learn about Henry's immortality. I pray that we see a second season, this show is too good to end so soon.

Paul: I think we will see Adam another couple of times and Henry will come clean to Jo about everything.

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