Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Rule #67

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The foundation is cracked. Is a retaining wall all that's needed for Jake and Abby to repair what has happened to their marriage?

In Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 7 the metaphor between the house and their marriage was like an anvil over the head. Hardly subtle, and even worse because it's highly unlikely the two of them will be revisiting a life under the same roof (as partners, anyway) any time soon. Isn't that a shame?

Birthday Drama - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

There are no two parties on the show as dynamic as Abby and Jake. Their scenes together remain stunning. The air between them is both electric and comfortable at the same time. Whether they're involved in a highly charged, emotional argument or they're discussing the possibility of an unintended (but not unwelcome) pregnancy, it's impossible to take your eyes off of them. 

Watching the scene in the bedroom, as they chatted as nonchalantly as two separated people possibly could about pregnancy, I realized that they always remember their past fondly. There was that brilliant scene at the end of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 1 when they shared how their marriage unraveled, but since then they've been supportive. Their recollection of raising children together was how they each remember the other being so amazing. 

The less I know about why they went on a break (simply drifting apart is starting to seem impossible with how well they've learned to communicate post separation), the more confusing the entire thing becomes. I finally understand Max.

I know you and Jake aren't you and Jake anymore, but I still see it Ab.


The installment pretty much revolved around Lilly's birthday party otherwise. Being a kid, Lilly invited Becca. Hey, if your dad is dating a CW star and you have her phone number, you're going to invite her to impress your friends. End of story. Abby took it poorly (on top of the cracked foundation and recent sex) and even Jake wished Becca had asked before replying.

Becca's response to Jake pointed out the problem dating a young starlet who didn't have a normal childhood. She's mature, making her own living and such, but she has no idea what a parent/child relationship is supposed to be because she didn't have one. When she said 'Lilly invited me' as if that made the whole thing alright, it was perfectly clear and impossible to blame her. She truly thinks an 8th grade kid has the right to determine who is invited to her birthday party. Abby made a good call, choosting to invite her personally.

That thing with the "internal" vodka was incredibly disgusting. I remember hearing some lame thing about that when I was young, but I never fell for it. To see so many girls did is disconcerting. It was, however, hilarious to see the floaties in the pool. Of course all of the parents threw the blame at Lilly's feet. Blame it on the birthday girl with the foul mother who wants to kill her soon-to-be-ex-husband! All I know is sushi and Funuons. My girl could have been squirming in pain and I would have made a bee line for the snacks poolside. We all have a little Cleo Stevens in us somewhere.

I'm still not warming up to Delia. Whether she was getting a little too close to a client, bad mouthing Lyla or ignoring calls from her dad, she wasn't winning a popularity contest. Something needs to give with her to make her more compelling because I'd like to do one of the two things Phoebe wished upon Becca and Lyla, either punch her in the boob or in the vagina. Gynarage. Delia needs to snap out of her superiority complex.

Phoebe might be done with Ralf and she got a lovely end-of-an-era commemoration gift in the form of a foot long diamond necklace. Please allow this to be a turning point, because any grown woman who still calls her ex (who she still screws) daddy needs to switch things up. That bothers me even when Marilyn Monroe says it in an old movie. Sadly, I don't think Phoebe is channeling Monroe. She deserves a fresh start.

Finally we reach the ending for Lyla. I suppose it's as happy as it's going to get. She's with her kids and ... Dan. Perhaps they're the best for each other in the long run. When the talent and the show don't work, strange things happen. A happy(ish) ending is far better than I expected given the final minutes of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 6.

Is anybody else finding it difficult to connect with Delia? Do you think, after Becca kicked Jake out that they reconciled since he was calling in the directing card for Blood Sisters? Would marriage with Becca be a good move given his unresolved feelings for Abby? Hit the comments!

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Delia, I cannot handle a lecture on how sleeping with your ex can change the date of your future separation.


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