Jane the Virgin Round Table: To Write or Not to Write

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OnĀ Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 11, Jane had to make a difficult decision of whether to follow her passion or go with a practical future. Did she make the right choice?

Below, TV Fanatics Ariana Guzman, Paul Dailly, Amanda Steinmetz and Mary Kate VenedamĀ talk about her decision and everything else that happened in this week's episode, "Chapter Eleven."

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Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Jane felt the baby kick for the first time this week. What pregnancy milestone do you want to see her experience next?

Ariana: The next obvious milestone would be finding out the baby's gender and discussing baby names. I have a feeling Jane and Rafael will clash in a funny way about this.

Paul: I really can't wait until the baby is born. Where will the show go from there?

Amanda: I'd like to see Jane deal with morning sickness. So far, it seems like she doesn't have any.

Mary Kate: I'm looking forward to seeing her find out the sex of the baby. I think that will be when the entire pregnancy becomes a reality to Jane so there will be more stories surrounding the pregnancy.

Does Xo have valid reasons for not trusting Rafael?

Ariana: She wants to protect her daughter which is great but at the same time, she judged Rafael harshly for something he did five years ago. He's definitely not perfect but it does seem like he's matured a lot since then. Cancer makes you change your perspective on your life and behaviors I guess.

Paul: Yes. What he did to Jane five years ago is not something a parent will forget. Both Jane and Rafael have been brought up very differently, so Xo has every right to have reservations about him.

Amanda: Rafael grew up under very different circumstances. I think Xo has reservations about how Rafael's world will change Jane.

Mary Kate: I agree with Ariana. Xo has a right to be protective, but in some cases she was judging Rafael too harshly for things he had done in the past. Xo should see how much Rafael is not the guy from 5 years before.

Do you think Lachlan has ulterior motives in helping Petra leave Miami?

Ariana: I'm not sure. I definitely think he's so in love with Petra, he's willing to manipulate the situation to work in his favor. If Rafael hadn't known Lachlan while growing up, I would say that he's Milos after plastic surgery. But he did, so he's not. He's creepy for sure though.

Paul: 100% yes. He wants to make her pay. She has used him on several occasions. It's now his time to use her.

Amanda: Duh! I don't trust Lachlan for a second. Now that Petra is the one in the vulnerable position, Lachlan will use that to his advantage. He's already making her think Milos is after her.

Mary Kate: Yes. He has seemed sketchy from the beginning. I just want to know why. Part of me thinks that he has something to do with Sin Rostro, but another part of me thinks he wants payback on Petra for dumping him and is just going to give her up to Milos. I really can't tell.

Did Jane make the right decision in teaching vs. writing?

Ariana: I think Jane's pregnancy has made her rethink her practical nature so instead of choosing the comfortable and stable option of teaching, she took a risk. I think Jane will realize that dreams can often include great sacrifice.

Paul: No. It was like she was following ger grans wishes at first. Jane needs to do things that are right for her, not other people. I feel like the writers gig is to exploit her in some way.

Amanda: I think she makes a wonderful teacher. However, writing is her passion so she should follow that. I just don't think she should be writing for her father's TV show. That doesn't seem like the type of writing she would enjoy doing for long.

Mary Kate: I like that Jane was going for her dreams, but I think writing for Rogelio's show could backfire. It would've been better if she kept teaching and waited for the right writing opportunity because, like Paul, this writing job may not serve her well.

Who do you think was on the other end of the phone call with the construction worker? Rafael's father or yet another suspect for Sin Rostro?

Ariana: I'd like to think it's someone we would least suspect. I think Rose is a lot too eager to go to the authorities so I'm very suspicious about her. She could definitely be running things behind her husband's back.

Paul: Lachlan. I think he is very much involved the weird things going at the hotel. He also knows who Sin Rostro is. I'm calling it now.

Amanda: I still think Rafael's father is a red herring. It's probably someone else.

Mary Kate: I'm wondering if maybe it was Michael's brother. He hasn't been seen in a while and he seemed ready to cause trouble. Maybe he's another link to Sin Rostro.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Ariana: I definitely love the moment when Jane realized the butterflies in her stomach was the baby kicking. It was such a beautiful moment and it seemed fitting that Xo and Rafael were there to share it with her.

Paul: Jane's mother and grandmother arguing, followed by Jane putting the letter through her grandmother's door. It was a really nice scene and showed that Jane has always been really mature for her age.

Amanda: I really liked the date between Xo and Rogelio. Despite her attempts to repel him, he still wanted her. Imagining her mother scolding her was great.

Mary Kate: I loved the scene in the hospital when Jane felt the baby kick. It was sweet to see the realization and I liked how she was able to share the moment with both Rafael and Xo, in a moment when they finally got along. It seemed fitting.

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