Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Chapter Eleven

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Dream versus practicality. A decision many people have likely faced.

That was very much the case on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 11, when Jane spread herself too thin with her many obligations and ultimately was forced to choose.

We've seen Jane's passion for writing since Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1. She was finally given the opportunity to show her talent at Rogelio's show. As she talked about the 'butterflies,' it was clear she definitely had more passion for writing. But, it seemed like there was more to the 'butterflies' that she thought – the baby was kicking. 

It nice to finally see some milestones in the pregnancy and how happy Jane is now compared to the 'milkshake' that it was at the beginning. It also seemed fitting that the baby kicked when she wrote, almost as a sign that that is what Jane should be doing. 

Jane's definitely the type of teacher I would want in high school, but her calling is her calling. 

Her passion for writing is also one of the few things that her mother and Rafael agreed on. Rafael was doing so well at his first Villanueva dinner, too, before he brought money into the conversation. The narrator didn't even have to explain why it was bad, it was obvious from Xo's face that money was a bad topic to bring up. 

It's understandable Xo's apprehension towards Rafael and even a slight guilt towards Michael, but hopefully, she will come around to the idea of Jane and Rafael, and the little 'apple.' But, that could change if Sin Rostro is revealed to be Rafael's father. 

There continued to be more questions and clues as to who the infamous drug lord is. This time we discovered who built the secret tunnel to the surgical room. I was actually hoping we would see who the construction worker spoke to but, alas, we did not and I am officially ready to learn who Sin Rostro is.

Of course, Michael found Rafael confronting the worker and got the wrong impression and, when he took it into his own hands, he got injured. Luckily, it did not lead to damage bad enough such that was alluded to in Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 10. It did, however, lead to an important scene for Michael and Jane. 

It was sweet seeing that Jane still cared about Michael enough to visit at the hospital and see that Michael cared about the well-being of not only Jane, but Rafael's baby. Jane even took the opportunity to make clear that she is with Rafael, something that was probably hard to say given everything she went through with Michael.

Unfortunately for Michael, that little visit by Jane could have some serious repercussions at work. His look of love was all Nadine needed to rat him out to his boss for going against orders. It could be good for him, because Michael would try anything to accuse Rafael of working with (or being) Sin Rostro. 

For Xo, she tried her best to keep the chastity vow she made. She tried a number of things to make herself seem unattractive to Rogelio, including staying away from her usual dresses and wearing sweats on a date with him. Successful? Not quite. It was an imaginary appearance by Alba that kept her out of bed with Rogelio. When Xo finally told Rogelio, it was nice to see he would wait for Xo during her chastity vow. Maybe the teenage lovebirds will make it after all. 

Xiomara, what is it? Why are you so afraid to have your pelvis touch mine?


Now Petra, she has become much more vulnerable compared to the character we saw in the beginning. Rather than having ulterior motives, she seemed sincere about everything she was asking of Lachlan, even telling him about her past with Milos. But now that Lachlan is back in the picture, I am suspicious of who he is and if his intentions are true with Petra. 

What did you think of "Chapter Eleven"? Can Lachlan be trusted? Will Jane and Rafael make it, as she insisted? Will Xo be able to keep her vow?

If you need to catch up on what has happened, make sure you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

Chapter Eleven Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Principal: Are you crying, Ms. Villanueva?
Jane: Yes. But to be fair, it's been building up for a while.

Xiomara, what is it? Why are you so afraid to have your pelvis touch mine?