Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 Review: We Made it Through the Night

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Zeek has decided to enjoy the end of his life to the best of his ability without further endangering it by way of medical treatment.

It's easy to accept his decision once you see crocodile tears forming in the eyes of Craig T. Nelson. To think after Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 we'll only see Papa Braverman rule over his clan for another 42 more minutes is pain enough.

We were whisked thought some life events today and it worked, to an extent. There was one glaring absence which I'll touch upon in a moment, but for the most part it's hard to say much about anything because the damn thing is over, you know? Thusly, I'll be treadling lightly.

Joel did exactly what I expected him to do, which was to bring up all of the things they didn't discuss before they threw caution to the wind, got back together and told the kids. Heck, even Victor called them on it. Thankfully, Julia had the wherewithal to stand her ground and force the issue. They couldn't afford not to hash things out because that's how they wound up where they were in the first place. They looked pretty darn cozy in their last scene together. They are a pretty pair, I'll give them that.

When Amber had gas (poor dear) the entire clan began gathering and Kristina got her claws out, thereby ending what was left of The Luncheonette. Sadly, there was one thing Crosby said to Jasmine that could have been what kept it all from collapsing, but instead he quit. I suppose brother will be brothers. I hope we get some resolution to it in the finale, because Adam needs to know this:

Jasmine: Baby, I just went to Adam because I knew how much The Luncheonette meant to you. That's why. I'm sorry.
Crosby: It doesn't mean anything to me now. What was special about it was Adam and I. I don't have that now, so it doesn't matter.

Because of the decision Zeek made, he wanted to have just the original six of them together so he could share it. As the kids did their normal sibling arguing over dinner, he just wanted them to stop. Sometimes, you get to the point when the traditional arguing just becomes too much. Knowing you're nearing the end of your run is one of those times. 

When Sarah and Zeek spoke about Hank's proposal and how much they wanted to walk down the aisle together, both also knowing it was highly unlikely to happen, it was almost unbearable. It did, however, set us up for the finale. There will be no death, no time jump, but a wedding.

Hank was hoping to somehow impress Sarah with his choice of wedding location, but she wants it now and in her own backyard, assuring the presence of her father. If that didn't bring on the rustle of Kleenex, then surely it appeared, along with a sob, after Amber gave birth to Zeek's first great grandson, Zeek. 

Other beautiful moments we witnessed, also including Zeek, were at the hands of Hank. As Hank told Sarah he understood why she wasn't anxious to plan the wedding because she's worried about her father, he proceeded to explain Zeek must be a good man because Sarah is so beautiful inside and out, and she got that way because of the love she received from her father growing up. Later, when they decided on the accelerated wedding plans, he simply said he would make sure he got photos of everyone, again understanding the enormity of what the family was going through, even if he's not always able to express it adequately.

Yes, Sarah will be happy with Hank. Hank is obviously very happy with Sarah.

The glaring absence? Drew. Amber went into labor twice and not only wasn't he present either time, but she didn't even ask for him. That is completely unlike the brother and sister we have come to know. If a paycheck was at issue, the arrangement should have been changed. Drew would have moved heaven and earth to be at his sister's side and if she told him to stay away he would have let that slide swiftly in one ear and out the other. 

And with all of that ... we're down to the finale. Now that they've come this far and given us this many happy endings, no need to stop. Dribble more frosting on, and then some sprinkles, perhaps some glitter and a cherry. Do whatever is necessary for smiles and tears. We've all earned it.

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We Made it Through the Night Review

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

I've been thinking about what the doctor said about the operation. I don't want to go through it again. I just want to live my life, Millie. Enjoy every moment I got left.


Zeek: Are you with me?
Camille: Of course I'm with you. I'm always with you.