Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Was the Right Girl Arrested?

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Orange was the new black on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14, as Alison finally got arrested for Mona's murder.

Do we really think it was Alison? Who set off the fireworks at the end? Join Carissa Pavlica, Winston Rice, Paul Dailly, and Leigh Raines as we discuss the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere!

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What was your favorite scene or quote in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14?

Carissa: When Aria called the slap "The slap heard around the world." Who hasn't wanted to slap Ali like that. Didn't both Vanderwaals get one in?

Winston: Hands down, Hanna's response to Mrs. Grunwald wondering how she lives in such a psychically constipated environment - "I eat a lot of fiber." I mean c'mon! That's gold.

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Alison get arrested. Bitch deserved it. It was thrilling to see the liars hold her as she pleaded for them to let her go.
Leigh: Winston that line was amazing!! Pretty much anything Hanna does is usually my favorite. This week I'll give it to Aria though, for sitting down with Mike and actually trying to get him to open up and caring what he had to say. The liars need to remember that other people get hurt too.
Do you believe that Ali killed Mona?
Carissa: I think she might have killed Mona. I'm not so sure she killed everyone else. Or maybe the other way around. I have to believe she has killed. If not, the bitch is a killer waiting to be born.

Winston: No. It's too obvious.  Besides, I'm still holding out a little hope for Emison, and if Alison winds up being a cold blooded murderer, the chance of that relationship being end game would be gone.

Paul: LOL. Do the writers think we are that stupid? I believe Ali knows who did it, but she has lied about so much that when she inevitably tells someone, I'll find jt very difficult to believe her.

Leigh: I'm not sure that Ali is the one who killed her. I do agree with Paul that she most likely knows who did it, was maybe even in on it.

What do you take from Mrs. Grunwald's visit?

Carissa: I took away that Mona is dead. The way she talked about the darkness, the lack of peace and trouble crossing over, it seems to me she sees a struggling spirit who was killed in a really bad way and can't leave until her murder is solved.

Winston: That the writers don't want to let the Ravenswood story die. Mrs. Grunwald is definitely creepy, but she should stay in Ravenswood where she belongs. I get she has connections to Alison, but at this point, I would prefer the liars find out their information concretely rather than soliciting the help of a psychic.

Paul: I like her, but she shouldn't be in Rosewood. If she's really psychic, Hannah should have pushed to find out A's identity rather than concluding it was Ali. I'm a bit pissed she didn't drop any clues about what went down in Ravenswood to everyone else.

Leigh: I like that she called Hanna out on how screwed up their world was. When she mentioned that whole bit about everyone not trusting each other because of secrets I thought "Well duh!!"

Who attacked Aria?

Carissa: Aria was attacked? Seriously? I totally missed it. Was it like a split second scene or what?

Winston: The same person who obviously ruined her chances of getting into Brown AND Oberlin. Duh.

Paul: It would be easy to say Mike, but i'm gonna go with Holbrook. I still believe he and Ali are in cahoots and he wanted to scare her in the hopes it would stop them snooping. The scene was excellent and creepy.

Leigh: Well I always think there is more than one A. This A was the one who is afraid to hurt people and does the more background work. It's very possible it was Ali, just trying to get the computer back but would never really hurt or try to kill Aria.

Sadder scene: Aria and Mike or Paige and Emily's goodbye?

Carissa; Easily Mike crying in his room. I hope some of the flashbacks we see of Mona this season flesh out their relationship a bit more. It was kind of Aria to care enough for her brother to ask to learn about her through his eyes. She could have let it go, but that was a really nice thing to ask. It should help him get closure on her.

Winston: Paige and Emily's goodbye, simply because we've witnessed more of the ups and downs of their relationship over the past five seasons. Witnessing two people overcome an attempted drowning to find true love is enough to shed a tear, but having to watch them say goodbye to each other after all they've been through? Waterworks.

Paul: Aria and Mike. Mike has been very reserved throughout the series and struggles to show emotion. He was genuinely cut up about losing her. I felt for him, but I won't rule him out as A.

Leigh: I think Paige will be back. Hearing Mike cry really gutted me. Like I said before, I think we sometimes forget that other people are affected just as much as the liars sometimes.

Make a prediction for this season.

Carissa: I'm going out on a limb here. Can you hear it cracking? Someone will die. Booyah!

Winston: The real killer of Bethany or Mona will be revealed. I'll even go a step further and say I don't think the murderer of one is the murderer of both.

Paul: A will start killing those nearest and dearest to the liars.

Leigh: People are definitely going to die. I think we will find out Mona's real killer and hopefully Bethany's. Just in time for another murder that we need to solve!

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