Quotes of the Week: Lisbon's in Love, Beckett's in Doubt & More!

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The quotes this week run the gamut. 

Lisbon says three words to Patrick Jane that viewers have waited to hear forever on The Mentalist. Lady Mary is once again determining if someone is the one on Downton Abby. 

Meanwhile we have two quotes poking about male and female body parts and Archer is shirking his duties – again. There's a not to Tinder and a quote that will forever force you to think of making broth in a whole new light.

So, check it out. Of you no not of these shows presented in the slideshow before you, why not check some out? They could be fun!

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TV Quotes Quotes

Anissa: I need to lead this. Black Lightning is not the face of this resistance.
Jefferson: Who said it was?
Anissa: You did. The moment you came in and just took over. Now, I know you’ve done this a million times, but I am running this.
Jefferson: I didn’t just take over. Henderson asked for my advice and I gave it.
Anissa: Well, I have everything under control until you came in with your “male privilege” and pushed me aside.
Jefferson: Male privilege? What are you talking about? I’m your father. This isn’t about you.
Anissa: Yes, this is about me.
Jefferson: No! If you get this wrong, people die.
Anissa: Yes, Dad, I know that! And I also know that this is hard for you but I’m so much more than just your daughter and Thunder, and you need to see that. I am a leader and I can handle myself.

Amanda: You don't know how you made it to the surface?
Nolan: No, but the purple skins do.
Amanda: Purple skins?
Nolan: I'll tell you on the way