Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Promo: Is This The End of Victoria Grayson?

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While fans are still processing Daniel's death, the demise of another Grayson is on the horizon. On Revenge Season 4 Episode 11, David Clarke revealed to Amanda that he intended to kill Victoria and the Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 promo seems to indicate he's still planning to make good on that decision.

Check it out:

Was David planning to kill Victoria for money to pay off Malcolm Black? Or was he seeking revenge for the time he spent in prison because of her lies?

Maybe it was both. Either way, she's still on his list and he's in search of a Red Sharpie of his own. The question is whether he'll be able to get to her before Malcolm Black gets to them all.

Nolan calls this Emily's ultimate takedown--we think--which tells us Victoria Grayson will probably live to see another day. Nolan's foreshadowing is notoriously incorrect. And Victoria does have nine lives, after all. She has to continue being the thorn in Emily's side, subverting any and all attempts Emily might make at finding peace. It's just what Victoria does!

If you missed the mid-season premiere, remember you can watch Revenge online right here!

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Nolan: Ems, you're finally going to get your happy ending. I'm really going to miss you.
Emily: Oh, please. You're already hobnobbing with hot redheads.
Nolan: You know gentlemen prefer blondes.

David: Do you remember when we moved here? We thought it was Heaven.
Emily: Well, the Devil can have it.