Sexy Saturday: 15 Luscious Ladies of Law Enforcement

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They cover distinctly different beats – from the mean streets of Chicago to the magically challenged town of Storybrooke.

Some travel the country catching serial killers, while others battle devilish demons from distant realms. No matter where they come from or what badge they wear, these women are tough, smart and oh so sexy.

Whether you're a drug dealer in small town New England or a hot head on the beaches of Hawaii, from New York to the Big Easy – don't let the high heels fool you.

These women can outrun you, outthink you, and probably outfight you.   

Come celebrate Sexy Saturday with us here at TV Fanatic and peruse our picks for the smartest, sexiest, loveliest ladies in law enforcement.


C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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