Suits Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Enough is Enough

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Revenge is a messy path, only made more complicated when the people you exact it on are people you once cared about deeply

This was a lesson Louis Litt learned the hard way in Suits Season 4 Episode 11.

See, while Louis was more than willing to dish out retribution to those he felt wronged him – and probably did so the most to the people who deserved it least – he forgot something Jessica never did – that Louis was about to be guilty by association.

I think it was pretty genius that Jessica allowed Louis to run rampant for a bit before bringing the hammer down on him with the co-conspirator clause.  You can only wonder how Louis’ tune will change – and make no mistake, it will change.

Donna warned Louis that one day he was going to need the people he was spurning, and I CANNOT wait until that day.

But let’s just ruminate on the concept of an evil Louis for a minute – pretty unpredictable, right? I was actually kind of afraid of him and certainly relieved that I wasn’t in his path!

What he did to Rachel was completely uncalled for. All Rachel has ever done from day one was be amazing to him. They even share a love of the ballet – that's some serious business.

I am still scratching my head over Louis' "loyalty test" for Donna. Why, when he has the opportunity to ask Donna anything in the world would Louis ask Donna if she slept with Harvey? If you were testing someone's loyalty to you, would that be the kind of question you asked? Do you think her answer will be enough to bring back Louis as the mascot of Team Donna?

We can probably all agree that now that Mike’s secret is out in the open, that it stands to reason that the wounds it has caused will finally have the chance to fully heal, or at the very least cause people to start taking responsibility for their actions rather than using it as a conduit to express their frustrations at the firm and with life in general. If that conversation in the closing minutes of the episode between Harvey and Jessica is any indication, we might be well on our way in that direction!

I predict that with that healing, alliances will be forged at ten times their strength. The only question is will Louis be on the outs when those alliances have to be made?

Also, can we take a minute to gush over Harvey's moment with Donna, telling her that it wasn't her fault that everything was going down with Louis? It proves how much of a team they are, and that Harvey really does have a soft spot!

Evil Louis – love him or hate him? Compare this Louis to the one we know and love when you watch Suits online, then come back and sound off in the comments!

Enough is Enough Review

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