The 100 Round Table: Why Finn Had to Die

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Although we are still reeling from the emotional death blow delivered in the midseason finale,  The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 was an opportunity to say one last goodbye to a fan favorite.  

Finn, we hate to see you go...

With so much to discuss, let's not waste any time. Join TV Fanatic staff writers Paul Dailly, Lindsay MacDonald and Amanda Festa - along with reader and super fan Marko Pekic - as they break down the latest installment of this CW drama.

Ready to join in the debate?

The 100 RT - depreciated -

Did Finn have to die? Do you think letting him live could have been an option?

Paul: He had to die. The guy executed the a lot of Grounders all in the name of finding Clarke. If he was allowed to live then there would never be this peace that we're getting to see between the Grounders and the Sky People. If he didn't kill all of those people, then I could argue that he should be alive, but he brought it on himself.

Lindsay: I was actually totally on board with Finn’s death, no matter how much I loved him as a character. Too often on CW shows, the stakes seem nonexistent. You know your favorite characters will never die, so when they’re in a life or death situation, you just kind of kick back with the popcorn. Showing Finn face the consequences of his actions – especially in such a permanent and dramatic way – really kept the show in a believable frame of danger. No one is safe, and no miracle solution is going to crop up at the last minute to save anyone. Death is a very real possibility for everyone.

Marko: Killing Finn was a bold move and I respect the writers for going there. In the end, it shouldn't matter if the character is well-liked, if his death serves the story. Sadly Finn had to die, there was no other option. Finn staying alive would only bring torment to the Sky People and Finn wouldn't be able to live with that fact.

Amanda: While Finn’s death may have been premature, it was also inevitable. While many crimes have been committed on the series, and the line between good and evil is definitely a bit blurry, Finn’s innocent character and innate morality was simply not conceived to live with that kind of guilt. And so, in this new world, he simply could not survive. Also, his death coming so unexpectedly at this early stage of the show sets a precedent that The 100 is not messing around. This show is taking risks and nothing is off the table.

What did you think of Lexa's character development in the episode?

Paul: I really like Lexa. I didn't expect to, but then again I was the exact same with Anya (RIP!) I think she has the potential to be one of the most interesting characters on the show. Her right hand man seemed a little too much in her ear, so I'm happy he's gone. Lexa makes rational decisions on her own, she doesn't need other people in her ear.

Lindsay: I’m not 100% sold on Lexa, even if I love her warrior princess nature. I do love how deeply we looked into Grounder tradition and culture though, especially when looking at the alliance between tribes. We really got to see what makes these people tick and how brutal their customs really are. Plus, the writers were swinging some not so subtle hints about Lexa’s sexuality, which I’m all about.

Marko: I love flashback backstories, it is a bit Lost-esque, but I don't know how much more of these Grounders we'll get to stick with after this season. Primarily, I would love to see more of Lincoln. I think his Reaper story was a good moment to introduce his backstory but they skipped it. Anya and Lexa were both strong leaders and gave Clarke an example of how a leader should behave. While Clarke tried whatever she could to save Finn, Lexa did what her people needed her to do. I felt for her when she drove that knife through Gustus' chest. If we got to keep a Grounder for next season, Lexa would be on the top of my list.

Amanda: I think it's great that we are getting some more backstory on the Grounders. I do like Lexa as a character, and to get a little teaser on the events that made her the woman and leader she is today was great. I can't wait to learn a bit more. I am hoping that eventually we get some Grounder flashbacks to before the 100 were sent to the ground. 

Let's talk about those Bellamy and Clarke moments. Is it too soon after Finn's death to get excited about their developing relationship? What do you think of the parallel a lot of people drew between Lexa/Gustus and Clarke/Bellamy?

Paul: Too soon. The show works best without love storylines. I will admit, I like them together, but I don't want it to create a tangled mess.

Lindsay: Any romantic entanglement between those two is probably not on the immediate horizon, but I still love the constant comparisons of the Queen and her Knight going on with this couple. Bellamy and Clarke’s loyalty to one another and their leadership dynamic is far more entertaining than a romance right now. Later on down the line, who knows what could happen.

Marko: Bellamy and Clarke's relationship is build on mutual respect, not attraction or similarities, which is what makes their relationship so special. I don't see them crossing into the romantic lane anytime soon, especially with Clarke still mourning Finn. Yeah we could say that Lexa and Gustus are the Clarke and Bellamy of the Grounders, but Lexa and Gustus had a more profound connection as they knew each other for much longer. I have no doubt Bellamy would poison Clarke to keep her save.

Amanda: I can't emphasize enough how important I think the Clarke and Bellamy relationship is for both characters, not even romantically but on a base level. Their interactions have added a ton of dimension to both characters. Their early antagonism and the slow development of real respect between them has been incredible to watch. I think a big part of Bellamy's character is the chip on his shoulder, and I think knowing Clarke is in his corner, genuinely respects his perspective, and values him as a person is unfamiliar territory for him, and that it's the cornerstone to their relationship.

Because of this, I think he definitely sees the parallel between himself and Gustus. Clarke trusts him, and I think that means more to him than anything else, and he would do anything for her to live up to that trust and respect. I do think it is too soon for anything romantic, and that theirs will be a slowly developed relationship that fans will have to wait for. But we will enjoy every moment of it.

Next week, on The 100 Season 2 Episode 10, Bellamy and Lincoln will be working together on a pretty dangerous mission to infiltrate Mount Weather. What would you like to see from this partnership?

Paul: They are essentially family, so it would be good to see them interact away from everyone else. Can these two be friends? Possibly, but for how long? Sure Bellamy let Octavia go with Lincoln back in the season one finale, but was it because it was the only way to save her, or does he really believe he's good for her?

Lindsay: I’d love if it they readdressed the torture session from Season 1 that went on between those two. They both love Octavia and they both have a common enemy in Mount Weather, but that tension has still got to be there.

Marko: Bellamy will finally be a warrior again. With the arrival of so many characters in season 2, he was pushed aside a bit. I liked Bellamy going rogue at moments, maybe even reckless at times as it gave edge to his character. I just hope there won't be to much bickering about Lincoln being Octavia's boyfriend.

Amanda: These two characters haven't had much one-on-one interaction, and I think it will be really interesting to watch them work together. They are both strong, both fighters and both ready to put it all on the line. Add to this that Lincoln is in a relationship with Bellamy's sister, and I am really curious to see how this play out. After all, I think Bell will be a bit protective of him for Octavia's sake.

What do you think about Raven's arc in this episode? By the end, has she made peace with Clarke's actions? How do you think it will impact their relationship going forward?

Paul: I understand why Raven acted the way she did towards Clarke, but she should have stopped to think. Was Finns life worth that of all of their people? If she had done this she would have come back with a resounding no. The guy dug his own grave, Clarke just made him lay in it. Clarke saved her life, she won't forget that, neither will she forget she offed Finn.

Lindsay: ‘At peace’ might be too strong a sentiment, but I think she definitely saw the reasoning behind Clarke’s choice better once Gustus was executed. She loved Finn like family, and watching him go through a death like that would have been torture for her. There’s still a lot to forgive, but it might be a step in the right direction.

Marko: Raven's performance in this episode was really gripping. I understood her pain, her rage, her inability to control her emotions. Seeing Lexa torture and eventually kill Gustus made Raven think about Clarke's action. I think she understood it a bit more. Things will most likely be awkward along the way, but Raven is an ally and knows that at the end of the day Clarke would die for her.

Amanda: I think Raven's arc has been interesting to watch since the beginning. She clearly had a lot of love for Finn, and she also readily admitted that she owed him her life. I think that is a lot to bear for any person. There has been resentment towards Clarke for some time, and to see Clarke use the knife on Finn instead of Lexa was read as a betrayal. But seeing Gustus be tortured gave Raven the perspective she needed to realize what would have happened to Finn had Clarke not stepped in. I think in this new world, you have to be a little quicker to understand gray areas -- and so I do think going forward, Raven and Clarke may never be best friends, but that she is on the road to understanding.

There will certainly be more to talk about next week! Until then, watch The 100 Online at TV Fanatic to catch up on past episodes or relive this one before Wednesday!

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Bellamy: If I'm going to take orders from you, I need a better reason.
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