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It's sad to say goodbye so soon, but The Librarians Season 1 Episode 9 and The Librarians Season 1 Episode 10 are the perfect way to end this first season.

It's as though chapter one of a much longer story has neatly ended, but there are still enough questions and possibilities that this series could go on for a long while. I truly hope it does.

Alien Invastion - The Librarians

In "And the City of Light," we learn more about Jacob's character, and even get to see him develop romantic feelings for a woman. Of course, that doesn't last, since the woman dies in his arms. Actually, there are a of profoundly sad moments in both installments.

What is most important about "And the City of Light" is that the Librarians don't necessarily save the day. They find themselves in a place of uncertainty where they have to choose between saving the many or taking a gamble to save the few. In the end, they decide against taking that gamble, which means the few they had hoped to save don't stand a chance. Even more devastating, Ezekiel sees their original plan to save the people of the town beginning to work, but he isn't able to communicate that in time.

So far, there have been happy endings and clear decisions about right versus wrong. In this instance, the Librarians are presented with something more complicated, and they simply aren't able to save everyone. In a show that is often lighthearted and fun, I find this to be an important (and welcome) change of pace.

Flynn is back for "And the Loom of Fate," announcing that he knows how they can bring back the Library. Unfortunately, Dulaque appears to ruin their plans, just as Flynn is admiring all of the great things the new Librarians in training have acquired throughout the season.

Dulaque cuts The Loom of Fate, sending Eve and Flynn to move sideways through time. We have the chance to see each of the new Librarians acting in place of Flynn, completely on their own in different times. It's a fun twist for each of them, though I think my favorite is that in Jacob's timeline, he and Eve have had a relationship.

Cassandra, of course, shows yet another side of herself as the sole Librarian. She's far more serious and powerful, and I can't help but imagine her as Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – also a bubbly, smart red-head who eventually gains more power and shows more serious, and sometimes darker, sides of herself.

The question about Jenkins is also answered in the finale. I continue to appreciate the way classic myths and legends are used in this series, and the identity of Jenkins is no exception. He is Galahad of Arthurian legend, and Dulaque is Lancelot! This certainly leaves more potential for future seasons. We're left with a good answer, but we're also left wanting to know a heck of a lot more.

There's also more development between Flynn and Eve. They are paired together for "And The Loom of Fate," in some ways learning about each other all over again. Once Flynn saves Eve's life, it's clear the two won't separate from each other again for a while. Flynn even asks her out on a date! But hey, dinner and dancing wouldn't be the right kind of date for these two. Instead, it's an unknown adventure.

Eve: I was supposed to die.
Flynn: I don't believe in fate.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the finale is when Cassandra decides to head out on her own to take a case. Jacob and Ezekiel run after her, and it looks as though the three of them are going to be happy to remain a team.

What about you, The Librarians Fanatics? What were your thoughts on the season finale? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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And the City of Light Review

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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jenkins: UFOs do not exist.
Ezekiel: Says the guy with the teleporting door.

You're planning on selling out the human race, aren't you?