The Mentalist Round Table: The LIttle Blue Tea Cup

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It was Patrick Jane's birthday on The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 6 - and a little blue tea cup made it an incredibly special one. Lisbon gave Jane a brilliant and heartfelt gift that he'll never forget. 

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Sabrina and @Donnamour1969 to debate whether Abbott did the right thing, what was Jane's birthday wish and if Lisbon truly managed to surprise Patrick Jane...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Should Abbott have killed the cartel commander?

Robin:  That is a complicated ethical question that I feel vastly unprepared to discuss.  As far as TV and non-reality is concerned - yeah, sounds like he made the right choice. Would I say the same thing if this was a real world situation? Complicated question.

@Donnamour1969:  It might not have been the legal thing to do, but it was the moral thing. Jane could totally empathize. I kind of wish Abbott hadn't been such a hypocrite when he went after Jane at first for Red John's murder.

Sabrina:  In my opinion, yes. He clearly had no other choice, at least no legal way of stopping him and many innocent lives were at stake. I was literally thinking "You did the right thing" even before Jane said it. But I admit I wouldn't like to have to take such a tough decision...

Christine:  If Abbott's story is correct, there wouldn't seem to be another option to save a bus full of people from being brutally murdered. It's certainly not an easy decision but I'd have to agree that killing the cartel commander sounds like the only option, even if it was illegal. 

Were you surprised that Abbott confided in Jane?

Robin: Not at all. People are likely to confide in someone that notices their trouble - and if anyone was going to understand Abbott's decision to kill someone, it would be Patrick Jane. Who killed two Red John's without remorse.

@Donnamour1969:  This was the biggest surprise of the episode for me. I figured Jane would figure out the truth on his own, or stumble upon it somehow. It was refreshing that Abbott just told him. I guess the theme of the show this year is Glasnost.

Sabrina:  Had it happened much earlier, for example in season 6, I would have been surprised. But his confession came out naturally, and it's plain to see that Jane and Abbott's relationship has evolved. They both trust each other more: Abbott has stopped questioning Jane's antics and plans, and Jane referred to Abbott as his "friend". Moreover, we can imagine that when Abbott told what happened in Rio Bravo, he knew Jane would understand his motives, for obvious reasons. You could see how overwhelming this secret felt to him and Jane seemed to be the right person to confide in.

Christine:  The respect between these two men has grown over time. Still, I was a bit surprised that Abbott told Jane a story that could end his and his wife's careers. That's quite a level of trust. Of course Jane knew something was wrong, asked to help, and if anyone would understand it would be Patrick Jane.

Was Jane faking it or was he truly surprised by Lisbon's birthday gift?

Robin: I think he was truly surprised and moved by the gift.  He seemed genuinely caught off guard. Go Lisbon!

@Donnamour1969:  I think Jane was really surprised and touched by her gift. His reaction was similar to when she gave him those ugly wool socks last season. It's good for their relationship that Lisbon can keep her mentalist boyfriend guessing.

Sabrina:  I really think he was genuinely surprised, judging by his reaction and the look on his face. It seems impossible to fake even for Jane. 

Christine:  I hope so. He certainly looked it and I thought the gift was great! and I agree with @Donnamour1969 that it bodes well for their future that Lisbon can still surprise him. 

Take a guess. What was Jane's birthday wish?

Robin: A life with Lisbon. I can't imagine that he wants anything more than that right now. 

@Donnamour1969:  I think it was a wish for Lisbon's safety, because that seems really prevalent in his mind lately.

Sabrina:  I actually wonder if Jane believes in birthday wishes... He is not into superstitions so I would imagine that he made a wish just because Lisbon suggested it. However, granted that Jane sincerely made a wish, then the first thing that comes to my mind is "giving Lisbon a happy life."

Christine:  I have to believe it was for a happy future with Lisbon. It seems to be the main thing on his mind. 

Should Wiley have asked Vega out?

Robin: No, he made the right move. She'll come around eventually, but it would have been awkward if he asked her out and she said no. Poor Wiley is nervous enough around her, he would have been a mess after the rejection.

@Donnamour1969:  Wiley should have gone for it. He could have asked her as a friend and she might have said yes.

Sabrina:  Maybe or maybe not.... Vega clearly said she wants to focus on work and Wiley had the chance to witness her reaction to another guy's offer. At least he knows how she might react if he asked her out, and he knows that it would be nothing personal. But at the same time, I would tell him "What the hell, it's worth a try!". However, she doesn't seem to show any romantic interest in him, at least not yet.

Christine:  I think Wiley should have put it out there with something like, "when you are ready and if you're interested, I'd love to take you out." It might have been awkward but at least she would have known that he's interested. Now he's got to look for signs that things have changed and the first sign might be her dating someone else. 

Was there anything in "Green Light" that disappointed you?

Robin: I was kind of hoping that Jane would had a way to shut Peterson down right then. However, I'm okay with this being part of a larger story, and hope it plays out soon.

@Donnamour1969:  The whole Abbott storyline is boring to me. My interest was only piqued when Jane got involved. And I thought what Abbott admitted doing wasn't that bad. There were no witnesses, no proof of what he'd done, only speculation. I think Jane could help him get out of it easily. I was hoping for a more enthralling Sophie's Choice.

Sabrina:  No, I really can't think of anything disappointing. It was a great episode and it was interesting to learn a bit more about Abbott's past and life.

Christine:  I was really rooting for Wiley and Vega. I was a little disappointed that he didn't actually ask her out. 

What was your favorite scene from The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 6?

Robin: (sigh) Just one?  Okay, the final teacup scene was actually my favorite, but the most interesting to me was Jane and Vega. For one, I love how she keeps calling him 'sir', and I love how Jane gently but firmly called her out on her misgivings about the team (and him). He was saying he can't tell her what her father would think, but he was very paternal towards her. It was a great scene. 

@Donnamour1969:  The end scene of Jane's party was the obvious, best choice, but I also liked the spin of getting the suspects to "shoot" our agents. That was a pretty clever and risky twist.

Sabrina:  The very last scene. The atmosphere, Jane's reaction to his gift, Lisbon's reaction to Jane's reaction, the kiss(es)...The whole scene was perfect. I really saw a new step in Jane and Lisbon's relationship. Jane is now more "vulnerable" -we even saw him sick two episodes ago- and is not afraid to admit that Lisbon got him surprised. There was a time when he would have either guessed about his birthday gift or pretended that he did. But now he is definitely more open to her, which makes her special. 

Christine:  How can I not say the teacup scene. It was so sweet and they were both so happy. Second runner up was Jane and Vega. He read Vega but never talked down to her to try and change her opinion. He made her a part of the operation which helped more than anything he could have said. 

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NOTE: The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7 will be titled "Little Yellow House" and air on January 14.

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Jane: You think you can keep a secret from me for that long?
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