The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

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On The Mentalist this week, Bill Peterson returned with a vengeance and a "Copper Bullet," as he hoped to destroy Agent Abbot and his wife Lena.

Fortunately for the Abbotts, Patrick Jane considers them friends. Everyone got in on the act of taking Peterson down in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9, including his own cat.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fans Kate and @EntwifeIncognit to decide if Cho is the right man for the job, if Lisbon's logic will help Jane cope and what they think about that promo...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Should the team have brought Vega into the investigation to save Abbott sooner?

Robin: No, I thought the timing was fine. Vega hadn't really gotten her hands all Jane-messy before, and it was right of them to leave her out. The decision was hers to get involved, and it seemed like the right way to go.

@EntwifeIncognit:  I think Cho’s motives were correct. He’s her mentor and supervisor, and it’s his job to decide what’s appropriate risk for her, taking into consideration all that she might NOT know and what she’s ready for. He’s taken responsibility for her development as an agent at this stage in her career. When they talk about it, he sees she does understand and changes his mind.

Kate:  I don't think involving Vega earlier would have advanced the investigation. She was perfect as surveillance on Peterson when that was needed but wouldn't have been an asset in formulating the plan. She isn't experienced or devious enough for that. 

Christine:  As Lisbon pointed out, they were working way outside the lines on this one and if it went wrong, it could have ended their careers. Being a rookie, Cho made the right call to keep her out of it until it was her decision to be a part of the plan. Even then he managed to keep her on the periphery.

Was Cho the right choice as Team Leader once Abbott is gone? 

Robin: Yes...and no. Cho is absolutely the right choice on paper; he's smart, efficient, diligent and experienced. He could absolutely successfully lead a team and command their respect. However, I don't know if his personality would command the same kind of loyalty that Abbott and Lisbon did as leaders. He doesn't waste time with charm or niceties, and sometimes that's necessary. 

@EntwifeIncognit:  Absolutely. He’s been shown as a great leader and a great supervisor in several episodes this season especially. He has seniority on the team. He’s the natural choice to me, and an excellent one! Good for him, he deserves it! 

Kate:  I love Cho. But this doesn't quite mesh for me. He's a 3 year (max) FBI worker bee in an organisation full of more senior agents so he doesn't seem like a realistic candidate. Beyond that, while he is capable and stolid, Cho has never come across as a real leader to me. And yes I recall he filled in for Lisbon at the CBI. Sorry Cho. Meh, what do I know? Maybe he'll be great.

Christine:  Cho's the most senior member of the team and I think he'll make a great leader given the chance. He's got his own style but everyone who's worked with Cho eventually loves him. I think he'll inspire the same loyalty as Abbott but in his own unique way.

Do you think Teresa's logic about not worrying about what might happen tomorrow when things are so good now is going to help ease Patrick's fears? 

Robin: There's a Sting song that says, "forget about the future, let's get on with the past." Patrick can't focus on the present and is worried about the future because his past still has him a bit tied. Teresa's job is dangerous, granted, but between his fear about losing her and the fact that he can't have a conversation about his ring - I'm convinced he needs to deal with some stuff before he can relax about their future.

@EntwifeIncognit:  Not one bit. The scene had so many layers under its surface. Lisbon was goading Jane to blank out the fear and act like her, like a cop (two things, not one). He said okay, to please her, but it was obvious this is something he cannot do. His terror operates from a deep emotional place not designed to be controlled by the thinking brain. IMO, this issue cannot be resolved for their mutual happiness if they stay in law enforcement. I think the resolution will be glorious!

Kate:  I think Jane is willing to listen to that logic and can accept it intellectually but it won't change his visceral reaction to the danger that comes out of working in law enforcement. He has seen and knows too much. Moreover, he has suffered profound loss, has something to lose again, and will be fearful until Lisbon is out of the FBI and harm's way. I am with Jane on this.

Christine:  I don't think Lisbon understands how little control Jane has over the sheer terror of losing her and what that would do to him. Jane is a very smart man but logic isn't going to cut it here.  It's a definite crossroads for them. Her entire identity is tied to her job and the risks of her job terrify him. I'm not sure what the solution is. 

The promo made it appear that someone on the team is going to die. If so, who do you think it will be? 

Robin: I can't even think about it because I don't want it to be anyone. I'm attached to all these characters - even Vega via Wiley - and I can't bear to lose any of them. I got choked up just watching the promo!!

@EntwifeIncognit: Vega. Hands down. It’s possible that her death is being faked for some reason, but very unlikely, given Jane’s horrified reaction with Lisbon in the promo, “that could be you in that coffin.” And maybe her first total get that yeah, it could be, what am I risking here and do I want to anymore.

Kate:  Vega, unless the show runners and CBS have manipulated every social media site to create the biggest misdirect ever . . . which would be pretty great. Sorry to see you go Vega.

Christine: Vega seems the most likely candidate. It's obviously not Jane or Lisbon and if it's Cho I'll be furious. Wiley or Abbott would be really heartbreaking. I'm hoping this is some kind of misdirect as well because I'd really hate to see such a horrible event occur with so few episodes to go.

Was there anything in "Copper Bullet" that disappointed you? 

Robin: I can't think of anything, honestly. The episode was solid. 

@EntwifeIncognit: They blurred Jane and Lisbon’s dance to a long shot behind a sheet of plastic! It wasn’t even a slow dance. What for? I have to say, after telling us blatantly that Jane and Lisbon have a "consummated relationship” and are “living together,” Heller and Szentgyiorgii refuse to show ANY sign of that physical love, in a visual medium? Jane Austen, my foot, it’s formula tease. It makes me crazy.

Kate:  Sappy and predictable, but I have to admit that the short, opaque, panning shot of Jane and Lisbon dancing disappointed. [The glossed over allusion to Jane's ring did not. Though it was only dropped into the narrative briefly, I have no doubt it will be dealt with properly before the show is done.]

Christine:  The dance! Or lack of one. Not only wasn't it a slow dance but we didn't even get to see it. That was disappointing. 

What was your favorite scene in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9

Robin: Every week I will say how hard this is. I think I'll go with Abbott's confrontation with Peterson. I loved how Abbott seemed to be enjoying the moment, I loved Jane bringing out the real assistant, and the cat pictures!  I was laughing so hard at the cat pictures!

@EntwifeIncognit: “I don’t want to lose you.” But not for those words. For what I think is Lisbon’s signal to Jane that they don’t have to hide anymore. Lisbon asks him to dance! Jane offers caution that everybody will see? Lisbon smiles big and says sure! Takes Jane’s hand across the dance floor! Wylie and Vega stare at them dance. After the whole team flushing out every bit of Abbott’s business, the team is finally family. And Lisbon wants to be out to her family at last! I hope I’m right.

Kate:  I will avoid the obvious and go with Sam and Pete setting up the sting in Missy's office. Loved the classic Jane influence and how they engaged without batting an eye. Wait, I can't resist. I loved all of the team scenes and team work in this episode: Lisbon, Jane, Cho at Peterson's house (the alarm, the cat) and the last scene (all of it, even the non-dance) were particularly awesome.

Christine:  I loved that Patrick told Pete he was involved with someone and Pete immediately guessed Lisbon. Also, Pete mentioning his wedding ring and how Angela would want him to move on a be happy was very appropriate. Too bad Jane seemed so uncomfortable with the subject. And I have to say, the cat sitting on the money was awesome.

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Lena Abbott: Dennis tells me you have one of the trickiest and most devious minds he's worked with.
Patrick Jane: He did, did he? Well I didn't come here to be flattered but go on.

Wiley: I'm not very good at keeping secrets.
Lisbon: Good think you're not in the FBI.