The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Copper Bullet

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Loyalty and trust were the key elements in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 as Abbot's future was on the line. However it didn't take much prodding, if any for the rest of the team to risk their careers in order to help him.

How determined must Bill Peterson have been to take down Dennis Abbott to have actually gone down to Mexico, dug up a corpse and pulled a bullet from its skull? That's a man with a serious need for revenge. 

Jane's Risky Plan - The Mentalist

Patrick Jane was the first on board to help Abbott and take down Peterson. As Abbott told his wife, Jane's a friend and he'd trust him with his life. That makes Abbott one hell of a good judge of character. Jane has very few real friends but he'd put it all on the line for any one of them, Abbott included. 

Of course that wasn't the only thing Abbott said about Jane as Lena shared in this The Mentalist quote

Lena Abbott: Dennis tells me you have one of the trickiest and most devious minds he's worked with.
Patrick Jane: He did, did he? Well I didn't come here to be flattered but go on.

Lisbon was in on the plan from the start and Wiley didn't seem to have a problem with being on board. He respects Abbott and enjoys being a part of Jane's crazy schemes. 

I was a little surprised that they didn't try to bring Cho in on it earlier but I suppose Lisbon didn't want to risk her friend's career if she could help it. As she said, they were working way outside the lines here…

Cho: Well Jane had me pretend to kill a guy once. Are we going further outside the lines than that?
Lisbon: Probably not.
Cho: Then I'm good.

In turn, Cho tried to keep Vega clear of it all. Being the rookie on the team, Cho felt responsible for her but to Vega's credit she wanted in. Whether that was because she wanted to help Abbott or just wanted to be a part of the team wasn't clear. Probably a bit of both. 

There were so many little moments in this episode that made it special. Like the look on Lisbon's face when Wiley said he had trouble keeping secrets and she responded that it's a good thing he doesn't work for the FBI! Or Lisbon outing Jane about the alarm code and him telling her, "Lisbon, you're killing the magic here."

It was wonderful to see Jane's carnie friends Pete and Samantha once again. They truly are more like family to Jane. They were both thrilled to know that Patrick had found someone to love but Pete was quick to notice that he's still wearing his wedding ring. He was also quick to share his belief that Angela would have wanted Jane to move on and be happy. A sentiment Jane seemed uncomfortable discussing given how quickly he changed the subject. 

But back to the plan. Vega did an admirable job both tailing and trying to stall Peterson but she should have taken her hair out of that ponytail. It would have hidden her face and made her less recognizable. 

The photos of the cat sitting on the piles of cash were priceless. It almost made me think twice about Peterson. I mean, the man had a cat. He can't be all bad. 

The only down side here was in knowing that Abbott would be leaving for Washington D.C. to be with his wife. The upside was that Kimball Cho was being promoted to take his place. There's no doubt that he deserves it. Cho was so happy that he needed another taco. 

Wiley and Vega were absolutely adorable as they danced. I'd love to see more of these two. And Patrick and Teresa finally had that discussion about his fear over losing her.

Teresa was right, of course. Either one of them could be gone on any given day. They can't live their lives worrying over it but somehow I doubt that logic will ease Jane's sense of terror. He knows what it's like to lose someone he loves so dearly. It won't be easy to risk his heart once again, although I'm pretty sure he's so in love with Lisbon that it's already too late. 

Now did you see that promo for next week? Ahh!?!

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Copper Bullet Review

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Lena Abbott: Dennis tells me you have one of the trickiest and most devious minds he's worked with.
Patrick Jane: He did, did he? Well I didn't come here to be flattered but go on.

Wiley: I'm not very good at keeping secrets.
Lisbon: Good think you're not in the FBI.