The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 2 Review: An Ordinary Man

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Of all the gin joints, in all the world, King Louis just had to chose the one that Spanish slave traders operate out of.

There were plenty of royal hijinks to be had this week on The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 2.

Personally, I felt like this episode played out a bit too much like a sit-com, with the premise and the "uh-oh" moment set up a too perfectly. The King's decision to disguise himself in order to live like a commoner for a night seemed just a tad too played out, but I gave it a chance anyway. Surprisingly, the fallout of the King's disappearance was more interesting to watch than his actual captivity.

With the Musketeers frantically searching for leads throughout Paris and the Queen worrying over her husband back at court, France seemed to be in a pretty little panic without its sovereign.

The subplot I wish had gotten more time was the budding relationship between Aramis and Marguerite, the baby Dauphin's governess. Aramis obviously started up this romance in an attempt to stay close to his son in the only way he can, but I think this might be playing with fire. As much as I'm dying for a little interaction between Anne and Aramis, bringing the baby into the mix seems pretty dangerous. 

Aramis: I'm told I have a way with infants.
Marguerite: He is the royal prince!
Aramis: He's still a baby.

Back at the slavers' camp, Milady de Winter finally makes her appearance, rescuing D'Artagnan and the King when she recognizes who they are. I've got a nagging feeling that she'll be hanging onto her "hero" title with Louis for as long as she possibly can. It pays to save the King's life. 

I'm torn between praising this episode for its social commentary on commoners vs. royalty and feeling a little cheated at the same time. Pepin's death was certainly the most emotional part of the episode, and I was sincerely hoping Louis would honor the man's sacrifice. Sadly, he seemed to forget Pepin the moment he got back into his fancy clothes. I don't enjoy cardboard cutout characters, and Louis hasn't show a lot of growth yet. I can only believe that our noble heroes would blindly follow and entitled, ignorant King for so long before it becomes too silly. 

If we are to die, this is how I want it to be. By my King's side, fighting for our freedom. Not in the belly of some ship.


Rochefort and Constance provided for some good background noise, and their little squabble over who was really BFF with Queen Anne seems like an interesting topic for future episodes. I expect them to butt heads again soon and often. 

As the episode drew to a close, we again saw that King Louis was dissatisfied with his Musketeers' performance. Despite the fact that he got himself into the whole mess, he blames them for the kidnapping and for not executing the man responsible when he asked them to. It looks like it's going to be a rough road ahead between The King and his previously beloved Musketeers.

Why do you Musketeers insist on disappointing me?


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Will our heroes ever regain the King's favor? Will Aramis end up outing himself to Marguerite? Sound off in comments below!

An Ordinary Man Review

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The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Aramis: I'm told I have a way with infants.
Marguerite: He is the royal prince!
Aramis: He's still a baby.

D'Artagnan: Give me your pistol now!
Milady: I keep this only to protect myself.