The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Divide and Ki-Ki

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The drama continues on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11 as the women are all in Puerto Rico waiting for Demetria McKinney's performance. The group is completely divided after Claudia and NeNe's dinner party brawl.

Will these women ever get along? (No. Probably not.) Let's break it all down with our +/- recap...

Claudia responds to NeNe's insult about a certain body part which has left her body by calling NeNe fat. While NayNay keeps running her mouth about her checks and cars and full garage and designer dresses straight off the runway, Claudia keeps it mostly cool throwing insults right back at NeNe. Plus 8.

As Kandi says, Claudia said everything to NeNe that anyone has ever thought about saying to NeNe.

Demetria, Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia get up from the table and go drink elsewhere and Kenya apologizes for "them." Claudia apologizes for her outburst at the table but says it felt good to tell NeNe off. Own it, girl. Plus 10.

Apparently, according to NeNe, no one is allowed to wear spaghetti straps anymore. 

After they laugh about Claudia and NeNe, NeNe tells Phaedra that she really was throwing shade at Demetria. Phaedra laughs but sort of takes it in. 

Cynthia asks her girls if anybody on that end of the table went against anything NeNe had to say at dinner. The answer? No. But no one on Cynthia's end of the table went against anything Claudia had to say either, so that argument is bunk. 

These women are...insane.

It's Day 2 in Puerto Rico and Kandi's calling home to check in. Her show, A Mother's Love, is leaving on the road in a few weeks so Don Juan is auditioning understudies. Kandi's keeping him on track. Plus 7

NeNe, Porsha, and Phaedra have breakfast and NeNe says she feels bad about the way things went at dinner. She didn't mean for NayNay to come out. Apologies are cool, but maybe apologize to the right person. 

Claudia's hitting the bar. First thing in the morning. 

Kandi joins NeNe and the others and Phaedra says she doesn't want to have bad energy. It sounds like Phaedra's thinking of apologizing.

I...think Porsha almost bought a $400,000 necklace at Cartier. That gets a minus 18 for even thinking about it. 

While one half of the group is shopping and Demetria is rehearsing, Claudia, Cynthia, and Kenya are drinking. And talking about Claudia's missing hot button. They're also congratulating her on surviving her initiation into the pretty gang.

Phaedra and Demetria have a conversation and Demetria apologizes for crossing a line during dinner. Phaedra says that since Demetria didn't know what happened with Apollo, she needs to keep it out of her mouth. Phaedra also wishes Demetria had cleared the air in private instead of at the table. 


Phaedra shops at Target. Plus 9.

Kandi's throwing another Bedroom Kandi party on the beach, a "Sex on the Beach" party, we'll call it. Kandi hopes the party will put them all in a great mood. Oh lord.

Straight off the bat, Kandi asks Porsha how her man is and Porsha says the distance is getting to them. If Porsha's man is in Africa and she's getting all the money she wants from him, it sounds like she has a pretty great setup. Way better than her a-hole ex-husband. 

When in bed with her man, Porsha likes to call herself names. Minus 8. Did not need to know.

The first game Kandi has the women play is Hot Potato with her new product "Adventure." Cynthia starts it off saying "I did always want to give it to you, Kandi." 

NeNe wins the game. 

Demetria excuses herself to go to bed since she has a performance the next day. The rest of the gathering must have been pretty drama free since the cameras went to bed too.

Kandi's plan for the third day in Puerto Rico is to keep the two groups separate until Demetria's concert. Seems like a legit plan. 

There go Claudia's janky toes. Minus 7.

Kandi wishes she could think as quickly as NeNe, but NeNe says it's a bad talent to have because she speaks faster than she thinks and then realizes what she said when it's too late. So, NeNe, if you realize that you said bad things, apologize for them. It's super easy to do!

It all gets real again in the limo on the way to Demetria's performance. Kenya might be just a little drunk. 

NeNe tries to...apologize? Or...nope. She's bragging. She's going to Broadway to be in Cinderella and invites all the women to come and see her. Cynthia says she loves hard working black women and it's a little bit of a happy moment. Claudia jumps in and says she supports NeNe but feels like NeNe snatched away some of her accolades in their argument., Claudia. Claudia can't really let it go that NeNe called her a whore. NeNe apologizes for calling Claudia a whore. Claudia can't stop throwing the insults at NeNe. Minus 20.

Then Claudia decides to throw in on Porsha and bring up Porsha's dirt, too. Minus 35.

Meanwhile, the girls missed Demetria's entire show. The entire reason they were in Puerto Rico, ON DEMETRIA'S DIME, and they didn't even make it in time for the show. Minus 47.

They made it for two songs. TWO. 

Phaedra says Demetria can blow. Kandi says she doesn't know if Demetria can make it as a pop star but she's definitely got what it takes to be a strong R&B artist. 


Oh dear sweet sequins. Next week Kenya is going to set Claudia up with Porsha's ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. WHAAAAAAAT? You have to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to see why this is a really, really big deal.

Divide and Ki-Ki Review

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