Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 Review: ICU

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As if hospitals didn't already give the majority of us great anxiety! Now, thanks to Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6, we have to worry about our life-sustaining machines being hacked. Thank you for opening our eyes to a possibility we had yet to consider. Let your nightmares begin....

And what a nightmare the episode opened with! Your noggin is cracked open, brain exposed and you watch in wide-awake horror as your entire surgical team passes out cold. Yeah, that's grade A horror. Think that would ever happen on Grey's Anatomy

Speaking of horror, how horrified was Tommy, not only by Lindy's cooking, but by the fact that she had a date with Jake? Color the boy with a Granny Smith Apple Crayola 'cause he was green with jealousy and all too thrilled when his competition stood her up. 

I think the best thing about this episode, aside from the concept of murdering machines, was the little bits of levity we found with Tommy and Lindy.

Normally it's the sidekicks – George, Sophia and Connor – delivering the humor, but I was happy to see Victoria and Casey get to play around with their characters a bit more.

From the awful face Tommy pulled when he snuck a taste of Lindy's dish to the neural-syphilis diagnosis to the twosome kibitzing as an engaged couple speaking in undertones before a clueless doctor, they let us see a lighter side to these two people who've suffered immense loss and who have been under crushing pressure. It definitely made me want to see them go undercover as a couple again and have the writers push the boundaries between them even further. 

Harvey Guillen is always a delight as George, but can't the writers give poor Marcus Callender more to do as Yeager? The man has presence, gravitas, and I suspect some killer straight-man chops he could utilize opposite George.

The "how do you sleep" exchange between them showed great potential, but it was over before the real gold was struck. And don't even get me started on Yeager's earlier flirtations with Sophia. Come on, give the detective his due already! 

When all the fun and games are over, when the murdering machines have been rebooted, it all comes back full circle to Flirtual. So what do we know? We know he's watching Lindy all the time, everywhere.

She is never beyond his reach. That fact struck her and struck her hard. Even worse, in a moment of weakness, of panic, of fear, she had to accept help from him. What will that cost her? It already took a toll emotionally. You could see that on her face; he could see that on her face.

She accepted help from a man who is terrorizing her. And that man, that monster, actually helped her save the day. Does that mean she owes him? Does that mean he's not all bad? Does that mean there is no escape for her? 

As for the AWOL Jake, it's nice his apology gift put a smile on Lindy's face after such a grueling day. Let's just pray her hope isn't misplaced. After all, where exactly was he and why'd he bow out of their date in the first place? 

Hmmm...maybe he heard about her cooking.

If you missed seeing Lindy and Tommy playing the Tindy couple so many want them to be, make sure to watch Eye Candy online.

And tune in next week for Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7 for "Sleep Over Sexy." With a title like that, how could you NOT watch? 

So, what did you think of "ICU"? Was it fun seeing Tindy as a couple, even if it was pretend? What will it mean for Lindy that she accepted help from Flirtual? And lastly, are you more afraid of hospitals than ever? See you next Monday!

ICU Review

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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Wells: Is she good? Better than you?
Tommy: Some of the time.

Tommy: Where's Lindy?
George: Lindy? I don't know.... Whoooo dat? Whooo dat?